Coogs in the Pros

Lol you’ve been holding on to that for a while.

Mills was solid though.

But, it was obvious that Marcus had spent some time in the lab between freshman and sophomore year, he really came into his own and separated himself from any competition.

Mills is no Marcus. Scoreboard doesn’t lie.

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You don’t get sarcasm, and where you get I’ve been holding onto that is absurd. I was on the Sasser train early his freshman year. Went on record here, repeatedly.

Never liked Mills. Thought he was missing the attributes needed to be a great player/teammate, see attitude and disposition. Who’d a thunk?


@busseycoog - it’s all good. My comment was more for the folks that did say mills was better.

Not directed at you.

It’s hard to get sarcasm from a three word sentence brother… Btw.

But my response really wasn’t that deep or geared toward you. More toward the theme that mills was better, which now is laughable considering how good Marcus turned out to be.


Already posted, but Galen Robinson Jr, Pelicans G League


Rob Gray will be playing in Ukraine (SC PROMETEY KAMIANSKE)

Edit: playing for a Ukrainian team


His team doesn’t play in the Ukraine Superleague or in Ukraine at all. They are Euro Cup and play in the Lat-Est league which are teams in Estonia and Latvia. The team plays their home games in Riga, Latvia because of the war. Rob had 17 in 18 mins his first game.

There are Americans currently playing in Ukraine and Russia though. Israel is starting back up as well.

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@FortWorthCoog Appreciate the clarification. Should have done a little more research


That’s an awesome picture

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What has happened to Quentin Grimes this year. Trying to be nice, but he has not played very well. Major regression from last year.
6.7 pts/game and 38% from the field.

Marcus has 17 points last night at MSG: Marcus Sasser Finishes with 17 Points | Highlights and Live Video from Bleacher Report

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@Rockyz since last year they traded for Josh Hart and signed Donte DiVincenzo

So now the guard minutes are split between:

*Jalen Brunson
*Rj Barrett
*Josh Hart
*Immanuel Quickley
*Donte DiVincenzo
*Quentin Grimes

Gotta make shots though

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