Coogs lose at SMU, UConn, Tulsa then Wichita State in 1st round of AAC Tourney -- 8 straight losses

4th straight loss for Coogs. Coogs 12-16 this season; 5-9 in AAC. SMU 12-14, 6-8.

Next for Coogs: UConn here, Feb. 29, at 2 p.m., on Senior Day. Barring a miracle, that’ll be a blowout loss for the Coogs.

Yeah, I think most of us are pumped for that rematch lol…

I’ll be shocked if there is not a coaching change after this season…


Maybe. But, Hughey’s contract runs through the 2021-'22 season.

Does the UH Administration want to eat the last 2 years of Hughey’s contract and hire a new coach and staff?

Agree and since there is little, if any interest in the program few probably care one way or another

I would think this is especially true if some action has to be taken re the baseball team. Fair or not, that is probably a higher priority to the AD.

92-40 at home…nuff said!

It’s really sad after six seasons; Hughey’s teams haven’t been competitive against any team that had a pulse. Look at his six year record against the AAC elite program uconn, we have been outscored (708-347). 2014 (90-40 & 92-41) 2015 (76-37) 2016 (91-42) 2017 (95-35) 2018 (81-61) 2019 (91-51 & 92-40), i realize the lady Huskies beat lots of teams, but a large, the majority of those teams are at least competitive.
How can we at least become competitive, i’m glad you asked…Personally, i believe there needs to be a coaching change, after reading some of the comments of other posters, i can see why that may not happen for at least another year, understandable.
Taking those aforementioned restraints in consideration, i would hope (1) that Hughey bring in some new assistants, that actually can evaluate,recruit and develop players (2)have some local and texas connections (3) in the context of item 2 Kadi Creel asst head coach at Desoto High School fits the criteria, plus she is an alum, Desoto has three SOPH (Amina Muhammad 6’4), (Sanyah smith 6’4) (Tionna Heron 6’5) having Kreel on the staff couldn’t hurt in their recruitment, don’t know the skill level of those young ladies, but i know we need size to be an elite program. With our facilities we can become an elite program in women hoops.
I find it interesting that our three asst. coaches played and graduated from Rutgers, UT Austin, and A&M, just saying… I’ll cut Tai Dillard some slack :sunglasses:

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We need a coaching change now.

No need to create a new topic / thread for the team.

Team loss at Tulsa Monday night:

7 straight losses for UH. Record season ends with 12-18 record and 5-11 in an average, at best, American Athletic Conference this season.

UH is 10th seed in the AAC Tournament. First round matchup is Friday, March 6, versus 7th-seed Wichita State.

I believe we’ve had enough of the current HC.

I really like coach Hughey as a person but he has proven he can’t recruit at this level. I doubt we fire him until his contract is up but it is simply embarrassing that we can’t bring in players with our new facilities

Maybe in a back room on campus somewhere UH scientists are working on a clone of Sampson so we can come to dominate in both womans and men’s college basketball.


Is there a Tilman Fertitta-type UH alum, with deep pockets, who cares about women’s basketball???

Final: 10th-seed Houston 64, 7th-seed Wichita State 72 in First Round of @American_WBB Championship. Coogs trailed by as much as 22; got within 4. Dymond Gladney scored 21.

Coogs finish the season 12-19 (8 straight losses to end the season).
Houston vs. Wichita State - Women's College Basketball Box Score - March 6, 2020 | ESPN #ncaaW

Watch the Lady Coogs play Wichita State in the first round of the conference tournament, after falling behind by 22, made it a game in the closing minutes, but end up losing 72=64; i applaud them for not quitting. They are not very talented.

Agreed on both comments: kudos to the players for not quitting and this team is not very talented.

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Too many games where they have had to rally. Did they rally or did the other team empty their bench or take the foot off of the gas?

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Title 9 is a pox on finances. If fan interest were a number line the women’s basketball team would be a negative number. And its not much better when they’re winning.

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Do you think UH would have been able to make NCAA Tournament if the 2 Harris’s did not leave? I believe the PG transferred and the shooting guard was kicked of for academics. With the 2 talented guards UH would have had a winning team. The team was 20-12 (9-7) conference record in 2017-2018.
It looked like he may have been building something at Houston.