Coogs open as a 17 1/2 point favorite vs Rice

Idk how but ok.

If I wasn’t a diehard who hated Rice, I’d say the smart money’s on Rice.


Easy money.

Too much I need to see us win a game in legit fashion before I would put my money on this team.

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How was UTSA not legit? We had them beat twice.

I went to the Rice/USC game. It got ugly but midway through the second quarter, Rice was down 21-7 but in the red zone. Then a 93 yard pick six changed the game. USC had TWO MORE pick sixes in the third quarter.

I watched the second half of Rice’s game last night. Despite ULaLa having most of the fans, Rice dominated except for 3 INTs. They won easily over a team that had won 15 straight. The yardage was almost 500-180. Rice had the ball for 41 minutes. This looks like a much better team than last year’s mess.

+600 Rice ML might be a good bet to place.

Take Rice and the points. UH defense can’t stop anything.



I don’t trust Vegas anymore. Kansas should have been favorite vs us. They just want the money on both sides.

Before WVU played Kansas i felt we had a pretty decent defense…especially our front 7 looked awesome. We had one of the best defenses in the Big 12 last year. Now Kansas made our defense look STUPID, and they did the same to Houston…Now im starting to believe that is more about Kansas having a well executed, diverse offense than WVU’s defense being horrible. Time will tell of course but maybe Houston’s defense wont be quite as bad as Kansas made them look on Saturday.


Slump buster!


One can hope… we shall see…

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I don’t gamble any more but I would take the smart guys and the points for a LOT of $.

For purposes of discussion, what would happen if they lose to Rice? Does Dana just get a free pass this year?

A free pass?? Heck no we were predicted to maybe go undefeated?? We lose to Rice, he needs to be canned

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That is the goal. I guess the spreads are because of random gamblers who don’t follow college football a ton but like to bet on everything. They see Kansas and Rice, just assume the teams are bad and bet against them. Guessing most serious gamblers didn’t want to put money on a KU game yet after the WVU shock. That or we have some serious gambling addicts in our fanbase who will bet anything for the Coogs.

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Yeah bc kanas should have been the 14 pt favorite not us.

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Obviously Vegas thinks we have the talent to be a much better team.

I agree. Just curious since he just signed an extension.