Coogs vs Huskies Score Prediction


McCaskill sees limited reps and Tune hits the showers five minutes into the third.

UH 49
UConn 10

73-0. Holgerson leaves at half time, and Ike runs up the score.

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That heavy snow/cold front has stalled so it will just be cold in Connecticut … Holgi could leave Tune in for a half and leave McCaskill out and play Henry 90% of the time … watch the counter running Henry … it ate up the Memphis defense … I doubt UConn will be able to stop it … they couldn’t stop anyone this year according to the stats

I have not seen UConn in any game this year … they play well enough to lose by 25 to 30 points … no worse but no better … so they can’t be taken for granted … they did beat the Ivy League powerhouse Yale by a TD recently … the bulldogs took the huskies for granted and it cost them … so the coogs subs cannot make the same mistake …

Good preparation for playing in cold Cincinnati the next week for AAC CG


Coogs win 49-7, but hoping for a shutout.

63-10 with Marcus Jones scoring TDs on kick return, punt return, and pick-6

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UH 38

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Coogs 56

Huskies 6

Coogs 48
UGone 10

Coogs 42
Huskies 7

CDH does not go after style points and our second and third team defensive players are not that big of a drop off so I will say:
Coogs 51
Huskies 10

UH 43

The AAC CG will be at TDECU next week !!

Think positive…go ECU !!

Houston comes out sleepwalking in the cold and doesn’t show up for the first half. UCONN gets life and scores a couple of touchdowns but UH gets it together and scores a couple late. 28-17 Houston.

UH 37
UConn 13

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Coogs: beaucoup
Huskies: scarce

i only know we will score a lot, and they will score a little…a very little.

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