Coogs vs Saint Mary's in Ft. Worth - Who is going?

I don’t see tickets available on the athletic department website, I do find them for the Dickie’s center. Did we sell out our alotment?

When is the game? Not well communicated.

December 3. It has been on the schedule and currently shows an 8:30 game time.

8:30? I thought I saw 6pm somewhere but must be mistaken. I’ll be there since I live in DFW

There are two games, Texas A&M vs. somebody and UH vs. Saint Mary’s. UH plays the 830 slot. However I think if you have tickets it’s really for both games


Should be there.

Do we get to b t s outta the Aggies?

Nope, just Saint Mary’s. But we will have all night to talk about the Ags doubtful man flesh.

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St. Mary’s will give us a test

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Why is the game in FW? MTE?

Agreed. St. Mary’s may be one of the toughest teams we face this year.

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We play a neutral game at Dickies Arena as it is the site of the AAC tourney.

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Aren’t we undefeated at Dickie’s?

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Yup. 8-0 I believe.

Does anyone have a stream? I can’t find one

Wrong thread

Found info on this game. Our game starts at 8pm per Dickies Arena sight. The link takes you to Ticketmaster to grab seats

Game at 8:30 with Boise State vs. A&M at 6:00 also included.

I’m in section 123 with some other Coog fans to see #1 UH.


I’ll be there with two aggies, both of whom are very excited to see this Houston team play.


I’m in 124. Bringing 4 buddies including a couple aggies. They are coming to see the Coogs though lol.

Seems to be plenty of seats left. Let’s represent Coogs!


STM is really a good team, almost beat Washington and is really disciplined.