Cool Herman Story

I have a buddy who worked the UH baseball summer camp. He said when Herman walked out to the indoor field, he made all the kids who were wearing other college shirts turn them inside out. He said Herman went out of his way to get a camper with a UT shirt. Love the ball coach!


Commitment and culture

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That is the most awesome thing he has done yet!

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Tough call. Him changing the signs for TDECU stadium himself was pretty cool. When Guy V. Lewis passed, I thought it was pretty awesome that he put the signature checkered towel in his back pocket. I guess we can say everything he does is awesome. (Someone cue the Lego Movie Theme Song)

Big 12, extra income to the football program, stadium expansion etc…With coach Herman in charge, wow, sky is truly the limit. Probably be challenging Alabama & Ohio St for top recruiting classes.

i want to share this op on facebook. Is this ok?

We beat Oklahoma, ima hold up a big sign that says bring on Bama. lol :wink:

Lol. IF, Alabama gets to the playoffs this year. Not only do they play in a tough SEC, but if there was a sorta down year for Bama it would be this year. New QB, Rb, and a go to receiver. Defense lost a lot of talent in the defense line to the NFL.

They can afford to lose an early game and still make it. But we’ll see!

Sure go for it

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