Cops Shoot 11 year old in Mississippi

There needs to be a change in the training and mindset to keep these things from happening.

Become a police officer. Make change!

Explain how as a cadet and then as a
probationary police officer that I could change the training and mindset of police officers nation wide.

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Better than calling for change on a coog message board.

Lol from the low info guy who posts 10 times a day on a Coogs message board about the things he doesn’t like.


Murry called 911 for help early Saturday morning at the request of his mother, Nakala Murry, who was having a confrontation with the father.

Looks like it was an accident. Maybe the dad shouldn’t have been fighting or arguing with the mother. But yah, total reform needs to be made.

Nah just gets tiring hearing you libs complaining about police. Police officers usually leave you be if you aren’t comitting a crime.

It was an accident that should have never happened. If what is in the article is accurate, it sure seems like the police response was not in line with the situation. However I will wait and see what the investigation results are.

My point, this type of accident happens too often. There needs to be a change.

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What crime was the 11 year old committing?

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I know you first instinct is to go burn a building but wait until all the facts come out.

Do you actually think the officer targeted the kid? You weren’t there. You don’t know what was going on. A normal thinking human would conclude it was an accident. Wait until all the facts come out.

I already agreed it was an accident. I also didn’t say he targeted the kid. You were the one saying don’t commit a crime and police won’t bother you. Yet the kid committed no crime.

I just think it was poor procedure or poor training that allowed this accident to happen. However we shall see what the investigation says.


Was talking about the dad fighting with the mom. Also, in general not only in this case.

Well it is a pretty moronic statement. Maybe you have never been subjected to police harassment but it does happen when people aren’t committing a crime. I have only had one instance that clearly was harassment but since we weren’t doing anything they let us go. They pulled a car over because we looked out of place, that’s it.

However I also had an instance of being pulled over because a license plate light was out. That was West U police and just ridiculous as I had just left Walgreens late at night. I didn’t know the light was out, they just pulled me over fishing for some other crime. I don’t hate the police for this, I think it was petty and stupid but I can see how things like that can be an excuse to look for some other criminal activity when no other provable cause was evident.

I respect police generally. Like any other profession, there are good ones and bad ones, some of the bad ones shouldn’t be police, others just need retraining or better training. The same could be said for any profession.

It amazes me how many posts you have saying you want to protect children. Here you have an 11 year old getting shot, yet you’re not to concerned.

Does the police officer have to be trans or in drag before you get outraged when they shoot a child?


You’re a pussy, pepperdork!


That was your take. You have no idea what was going on in the house besides a fight between the parents. Which had to be bad if 911 was called. You are saying more training needs to be done and only knowing that fact. Letting your emotions run wild before you know how it all went down.

You want to tie this into democrats trying to normalize kids becoming trans? Do you think dems should keep trying to sexualize kids? Maybe you should try n change the mindset of yourself, your party and your fellow dem buddies.

They said 911 was called when the guy got there and seemed irate. They called before anything bad happened. It is also said that they told 911 and the cops responding that there was not a gun involved. Yet the police showed up with guns drawn and ordered everyone out of the house. That is the disconnect I see from the article. Now if that is not what happened and the investigation shows something completely different, we shall see.

However calling for a change in training or mindset when an 11 year old is shot is a reasonable response. Is it an emotional response? Sure emotions play into it but it is also rational based on the facts as we know them.

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Police have adopted shoot first asj questions later attitude.