Cord cut 2021-22 season

I loved my xfinity sports package because I surf college football games like waves and try to have AAC access as much as possible. It is July 2021 and I am going to dive into streaming college football. I anticipate not being able to surf during commercials to keep up with multiple games and that I dread. The fee structure for cable to get “Relevant “ college football channels is ridiculous. I am 57 and pay for a lot of programs targeted for the younger generation consumers as expected . I just want CFB. I have ESPN + I guess I will have to get Fubo add-ons. I read the thread from 5 years ago and would like to know what technology savvy Coog fans are planning to do? Thanks., Life Alumnus

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Fubo is terrible as its recording capabilities and navigation is HORRIBLE. I tried it for months.

YouTubeTV is the way to go. The recording capabilities are fantastic and navigation between different games is reasonable.

I have YoutubeTV and ESPN+ and it’s been great!


I have Fubo and like it fine. I also have ESPN+.


Thanks JD. I am guessing a Juris Doctor. I have a wife that knows how to get our Curiosity Stream etc. Those seem to be the 2 options according to kill the cable.

I have YouTube TV and ESPN +. You tube TV alone offered many game options , I didn’t get ESPN+ until basketball season .

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Yep, YouTubeTV has all the college football you need with the all the ESPNs, SEC Network, Big10 Network, ACC Network, CBS Sports and more.

It works great for me.

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Totally agree. However, I have it because it’s the only streaming service that carries ATT Sportsnet so I can watch the Astros.

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I have ESPN+ Also for those who watch TV shows/Movies or have kids who do. ESPN+/Hulu/Disney + bundle is only like $12.99 it’s a really good deal.

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In my area the cost of YouTubeTV plus an Internet provider is usually more than just going with Infinity, which includes Internet.

I also have The Disney package which includes ESPN+.

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I think I am going with that since the interface will be familiar. I don’t even watch the Super Bowl. I will watch Anything CFB if it’s worth the time. True niche markets without Russian noodling would be great. Thanks JD

Thanks all for the help

SportSurge is this broke college students best friend when having to watch espn+ games

By the way - The “Key Plays” feature on YouTubeTV is PHENOMENAL for football and baseball games. I don’t know of any other TV service with that feature.

“Key Plays” enables you to watch an entire game in 10-15 minutes by watching only key plays like - key runs, long passes, key defensive plays like sacks and turnovers, etc. You can also use it to catch up to LIVE on a game you are recording that you are behind on. It’s fantastic for baseball games too! It is AWESOME!

How timely! I cut the cord last week and was thinking about popping on here and starting a similar thread. Thanks all!

That said…at $64/mo why on earth do I want Youtube TV? For less I could have stuck with Xfinity.

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Up here in Michigan, Xfinity usually cuts all kinds of deals for new customers. What I’ve done for the last few years is change the account between my wife and me (the sales guy at the Xfinity store suggested it.) Of course I have to sign a 2 year agreement, but we normally get about 25% off the bill.

Been doing the same with Xfinity, swapping accounts between me and wife, to take advantage of ‘new customer’ pricing. Last time I did it I was upfront with the guy about it when I called to cancel ‘my’ account and we both laughed and he set me up with the lower pricing without having to switch it.

Then, last month I just got sick of looking at the two fee line items $16.85 “Broadcast TV Fee” (fee to forking get free TV stations) and $10 “Regional Sports Fee” (extra money for millionaire sports franchises, some of which I don’t give a rats ass about) and said…enough. I’m done with that bull****.

To keep me at all (I’ll have ATT Fiber as an option soon as they pulled cable on my property last month) they gave me their home wifi kit free (for a year) and unlimited data (was capped at 1.2Tb before). Bill dropped down to $50/month.

I’ve got a hacked way to watch all the sports on my laptop…just got to figure how to set that up on my TV (better than screen mirroring that is) and I’m all set.

Fubo has the most sports and if you get the 79.99 deal, it comes with 1000 hours dvr and 10 at home streams and 2 out of home streams. I have currently Dish because the DVR is so much more capacity than anyone else…but open to Fubo or YouTube TV. I already have hulu+disney+EXPN+…that bundle is a great deal.