Corey Platt Jr. Out for Season

JD reporting that Platt is out for the season with an Achilles injury during post Spring workouts. Get well and come back stronger next year. Next man up.

Man that is a gut punch, I was looking for big things from Platt. Well, we will be here next year and I look for him to be an important contributor.


Gonna be a long season I’m afraid

This is off season

Wasn’t he coming back from a season ending injury at Tulane? That is some tough luck

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According to some tweeting following Duarte’s post, he had an achilles last year in the other leg.

That’s awful if true

Platt plays WLB, along Michael Batton and Latreveon McCutchin. Batton is penciled in as the starter but this hurts UH’s depth. I feel bad for Platt. I thought he was going to have a breakout year.

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2 achilles injuries in less than a year? Have to regard it as a chronic problem, now…very bad injury and tough to come back from…

If one blows the other is at a much higher risk. Not unheard of.

Man was really looking forward to seeing him play, now I think Brathwaite will be playing more now, transfer from LSU


We’ll get to see him, but he needs his full year of rehab and getting ready…Look for Corey P in 2025.

What scheme are we running on D this year? Will it be 3 linebackers?

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Yes, but one of them is a position called the DOG and they rush the passer.

A rushing LB, we had success with that when Brian Stewart was DC