Yeah, we need some and some more LBs as well. Our DBs have just not been as fast as some of those WR’s. I don’t think CDH can coach them to be faster.

Kirven was good tonight. I like our LBs. I don’t like some of the other personnel decisions.

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defense is slow and can’t tackle.

our cornerbacks have surprisingly been fine…its our safeties thats been terrible…

cornerbacks for us on paper are terrible…but damarion is playing well and lewis has stepped up recently the last 2 games

our safeties on paper for us should be amazing…on paper we are stacked there…but yet they have been playing horrible…

the 1st td caught on double coverage, both were safeties …the second 50yd td was on a safety …the same 2 safeties from the 1st long td are the ones who ran into each other that broke that last second TD… one safety was involved in all 3 players, 1 in 2 of them…

note Anderson had an amazing game and he wasnt one of those safeties


I’m not sure if they ran into each other on that last play or both bounced off the receiver

Ran into each other. Likely a sign of fatigue.

If our DEs quit crashing and letting the QB get loose, maybe the CBs wouldn’t be so tired from having to tackle him in the open field

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#32, Lewis, isn’t on scholarship right? He’s just not that good IMO. He gets out of his backpedal late and gets beat off the line easily and just doesn’t have the speed to catch back up. #6 is fine. Whatever happened to DJ Smalls? He’s never gotten a decent look really. Injuries have really hurt us. Next year should be better w/some of the transfers being allowed to play.

Sprewell and Anderson haven’t really impressed me either. They don’t communicate well IMO. How many times do we get beat deep w/them no where near the wideout? Or just taking bad tackling angles? It’s like feast or famine with those two. I dunno.

I know 32 at least ran into the receiver and tried to hit him, and wr bounced off[quote=“J_Coog, post:7, topic:20700, full:true”]
Ran into each other. Likely a sign of fatigue.

32 is owens … I believe 39 is lewis

I thought our DC made his rep on blitzing. But so far everything is just plain vanilla on defense.

Owens has ben playing Safety since the start of fall camp. He was moved into the CB spot due to injury.

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