Cougar pride and football per seat donation

Is this new. I don’t remember this from last year

Pezman already doing great things

I noticed they added a Stubhub marketplace to sell your tickets.

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Which is interesting considering that we have a sponsorship deal with Ticket Galaxy

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The new part is the additional 25 Priority Points if your 2018 required seat donation amount is paid by December 31, 2017.

Damn I was hoping it was the Cougar Pride Donation.

25 points extra…SOLD!

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This is not ticket renewal; it’s Cougar Pride donation renewal. But nowhere does it state how much the per seat requirements will be for the various sections or the 2018 ticket prices.

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Maybe it means they will be the same in 2018.

Just glad I can take advantage of some more deductions before the tax law changes next year. New tax law is gonna be bad for college athletics.

I talked with CP and if you make your donation equal to the 2017 required donation by December 31 you will earn the 25 extra points. The person I talked to did not know if the 2018 required donation will be the same as 2017.

When I log on to my account, I see two choices:

So just click the one you want to do.