Cougar Pride Fall Kickoff Event

I received this text yesterday about the Cougar Pride Fall kickoff event did I miss something because this is the first time I saw anything about it.

See you Friday night at 6:30PM to kickoff the 2022 season and celebrate Houston R12E! TDECU Stadium / Cougar Club: Food, Fellowship and Cougar Pride! RSVP to


I have a mail in my inbox from August 18th.

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Thanks for posting that. Just discovered that for some reason Gmail has been sending that UH email address to spam. Weird….still got my season tickets at the same email account. Time to change to another email account.

Same here. I RSVP’d last night, as I read it as soon as I received it, and then totally forgot.

I am assuming cash bar and small eats? Anyone have any details outside of the notification?

I did not get mine either. Cougar Pride had to send me the link.
First time something like this happened.

First Ive seen but very likely I overlooked an email.

If it is like last year or the year before, cash bar at stadium pricing and then buffet you have to eat standing up.

It’ll be happenig during Cage Rage!

Speaking of, CV3 will be there and have a table

Would love to be there but will be in Austin to watch Ridge Point High tangle with power Austin Westlake…


Anyone see where to park? Past years have used Red Lot by Club Entrance.

Should be the same place.

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Impressive line for Student’s Cage Rage — ran from Metrorail on Scott along S side of stadium to SE entrance by Shasta statue — click photos to embiggen —

Pez—1st B12 game next year at home

Over 20k season tix sold for this season


Any guesses on the opponent? I’m thinking Baylor.


I’m thinking bonghorns.

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I wonder if the 20,000 includes student tickets.


If the speculation that TCU will be our first home conference game, I think we could further speculate that we would be playing Texas Tech at home, too, since we are playing them in Lubbock this year. If that is the case, I would think we would be playing Baylor, and probably the Teasips on the road. Also, we would probably play Kansas on the road, since they are here this year, and we’re scheduled to play there next year already. If these speculations pan out, I would hope that we would get Oklahoma as a home game.

We have not purchased our season tickets for '23 yet. Are they anticipating everyone to reup ? ? ? ? ?

Some of the details I got tonight.

  1. Already mentioned in another thread is a late OT transfer from ut. Not sure if he will be ready this soon but Holgy was excited to have him

  2. Watch for Henry. Says Henry told the staff they hadn’t see. Close to his potent. Holgy mentioned he has been great and when we see him you will say who is that. Campbell has looked good and Sneed has been the surprise of camp.

  3. Holman Edwards will be the back up qb.

  4. As mentioned Unije and Robinson both were having good camps and both banged up.

  5. Golden will return kicks and Tank punts. Golden is a rare freshman.

  6. We average 22.5 years old on the roster. We are an extremely veteran group.

  7. Got to see the basketball team checking out the activities. Took some great pictures with my wife and the team and spoke some with Bowser and Arceneaux.