Cougar Pride Online Q&A July 25

All - In case you did not log in to CP On Line Q&A today the following are some items that you might have some interest.

OU Game - Ticket office is still allocating tickets. CP does not know when they will finish. CP had no information on student tickets for OU game. Two weeks ago cash parking at NRG was still available for $25 @ 832-667-2390. Currently only Platinum for $50 online.

U of H Texas State allocation of tickets sold out.

Season tickets now over 22,000. There are 5,000 seats in the lower bowl for students. If upper bowl seats are not sold as season or individual game students will be admitted. Season Ticket Packages to be mailed mid-August unless you contact ticket office this week to schedule for pick up. No dates set for pick up as of today. Call ticket office.

Football practice facility - ground breaking after last 2016 home game with no target date today for completion. RV lot will be moved and CP currently evaluating options.

Kick Off event is August 27 for all donors at the $1,000+ level. Email invites sent earlier. No RSVP required - just register at the entrance. Will be a mingle event very similar to the signing day event. Food provided with a cash bar. I tried to ask if players will be there and the session timed out.

Kick Off emails are already sent? I do not remember seeing mine.

July 14th is when my kickoff email was sent

Who did it come from? CP?

It came from Houston Athletics


That’s only for certain giving levels, right?

I noticed again some of my questions were screened out. It’s funny, one of them I worded different as it might have come off negative the first time but they didn’t answer it either time. Then my other unanswered question was new this time.

I think the invite was only for $1000+ giving level

I assume that donations required for seating in our sections count right? I never get the pre-season kickoff, but I always get the post-season one. I have 3 seats in 129, so per seat donation alone is well over required $1,000 donor level, but I have been left out of this before too.

Thanks for the email coog74, I am going on contact CP about it.

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bfalke1 - you’re welcome. Hopefully all CP needs to do is add your name to the list for the August 27 event. I have had fairly good luck with my communications with the current CP staff.

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