Cougars 2021 preview

Pretty good writeup

Good article with positive spin on Coogs. This was the bottom line (and last line) of the article:
"It’s a conference loaded with talent, experience, and national notoriety. Houston has the ability to take over again."


That Texas Tech game out of the gate will be tough to win. Hopefully, Clayton can out score Shough :neutral_face:

Unless Tune is passing, blocking, running, and catching the ball all by himself, it will take a team effort to score points.

Sadly, Tune plays the most important position on the gridiron. So he’ll take most of the blame unfortunately if the Coogs offense sputters and lose :unamused:

And Tune as a team captain probably would place the loss on him and not anyone else. Sign of a true leader.

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It’s so weird how UConn game is at the end of the year

Nice to get some additional TV eyeballs on the UH-Rice game; however, a convincing Coog win is expected, a loss or close game could be damaging.

So important that we start the season with a win against the Sand Aggies at NRG. Get some momentum and T-shirt fans behind us.


At least it’s not an afternoon game :fire::fire:


These two are going to breakout and have a hell of a year

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Someone give coach E a raise this man is cooking


For what year ?

Could it be Justin Beadles @Kmoney

I don’t know who it is, but here is the skinny on beadles.

There is some speculation on TOS that it could be Marqez Bimage.

Are those the best available pass rushes in the portal?

Bimage sounds impressive and was at one time a UH commit. Switched to ut when Vermin left.

So, it turned out to be Beadles.

Yep! :wink:

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