Cougars Now Tied for Second in AAC

As UCF knocks off Cincinnati 25-21.

Tulane 4-0.

UH, Cincinnati, UCF all 3-1.


Yep. Three-way tie for 2nd with Tulane in 1st. And the Green Wave has to play UCF, Cincinnati, and SMU.


ECU’s loss vs Navy at home must make them sick. No one wants to play them and they need a miracle to get back into the conference race.

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They play Cincinnati and UH, so they might have a chance to get back into it. We really need Tulane to lose two from UCF, Cincinnati, and SMU.

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Tulane will probably come away with 2 losses. If UC, UCF and UH all have 1 loss, UCF over UC due to h2h, are we in the CCG?

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If Tulane loses two and UH, Cincinnati & UCF all finish 7-1, the tie-break is CFP ranking. UH does not win the tie-break in this scenario.


Gonna have to take the show on the road but we are in the hunt

I think it’s based on CFP ranking. But do those rankings go beyond 25? I’m not sure.

If neither team is ranked they’ll use select computer rankings to determine the team


Believe it’s like an RPI, all are ranked.


its be interesting to see how the committee would rank in that scenario but im sure theyd be higher because they beat us head to head and even though they have a bad loss to southern miss…they also hold the best win anyone has in our conference by beating kansas state on the road.

So far Tulane has looked the best in conference. Our easiest route is they win out. We should all be Tulane fans now


They also have the least intimidating home field advantage of the possible teams we could face in a CCG. Easy road trip for our fan base as well.


Beat SMU next week or it won’t matter.


I think it goes without saying that we need to win out for any of this to matter but yah lets beat the hell out of SMU

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They use composite of computer rankings (e.g., Colley, etc.) so goes beyond CFP which is only 25.

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Here is the official document telling about the use of rankings.

If we win out, we just need 2 of the following 3 things to happen: Tulane gets 2 more loses, UCF gets one more loss, Cincinnati gets one more loss. Because Tulane plays both of Cincinnati and UCF, one of those 3 things happening is guaranteed. Just need to get the right team to lose one game.

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Easiest scenario is Tulane and us win out and play in the CCG.


Even if Tulane loses two games to Cincy and UCF we are still out. We need both Cincinnati and UCF to lose one more game each. We need to win out.

With that said, it’s unlikely Tulane loses two games.

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