Could Greg Ward Jr. move to WR in the NFL?

Could Greg Ward Jr. move to WR in the NFL?

Greg Ward Jr. is one of the most exciting college football players outside of the Power 5 conferences.


I’ve been thinking about this. He might be able to, I think it’s more likely he will be a punt returner. The NFL is so difficult to make, but he’s such a gamer, I would not be surprised if he found a way to do it.

Lets just see how he does as a passer this season. I have a feeling he will be greatly improved.

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No. He is a QB. He can make it as a quarterback with improvement. He is so fast and elusive.

I would be surprised if he doesn’t get drafted to be a WR in the NFL.

Too early to tell.

However, IMHO former UT QB Vince Young had the athletic potential to be one of the best (of all time) wide receivers in the NFL, but he apparently was never focused in that direction.

How about we let the young man enjoy his time in college.

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