Could the Big 12 be having Buyer's Remorse?

None of the 4 invited teams (including us) had a great season or made any noise nationally.

Whether they are or not, they’re stuck with us.


We are bringing the #1 team in basketball.


Laughing that people still think winning is the main reason for why big 12 picked us. Might I remind you that we were coming off 7-13 record for last 2 seasons and a blowout loss against Tech when the Big12 added us. Sure winning helps but that’s not what carried their decision


No all 4 are going to bowls, it’s going to a great basketball league too, and they had no other choice that made any sense.


Football wise, we are there so Houston is not lost 100% to SEC.


Last season was an outlier and invitations were extended prior to it.

Three of the four teams having played in the AAC CCG are the three headed to the Big 12. Can’t ask for much more than that

(OTOH the potential to grab Pac-12 programs on the other hand may have caused some regrets but that likely isn’t going to pan out anyway.)

I don’t really know but would bet it was politics.


I don’t think the Big 12 has any regrets. The current members will have football teams they can beat for a few years besides Kansas. As mentioned we bring value in our location, mens basketball, and now the volleyball program.
Besides, who else was out there that is doing better consistently?

The potential regret I refer to is adding 4 instead of 2. Thompson and Marchand have both said adding the extra teams probably cost them TV money. It may have made getting Pac-12 schools to jump a little more difficult but I honestly doubt it.

Doesn’t matter! We’re in SUCKAS!!!


I doubt the Big 12 will have made their decisions based upon one year. Only certain vocal fans base things off of one year, and if some of those fans don’t like the 4 new schools - too bad. They will get some wins, but also many losses in future conference games.

Who else should the Big 12 have invited (that they could have actually got)?

They don’t have remorse. It will be a very good league and teams rise and fall but all the invites have upside.

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After I read this thread…

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Doubt they have regrets, since they just signed a damn good media rights deal.

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some of these threads amaze me.


That is very short sighted and it is not just about winning. Only so many teams in the Big 12 a can win each season. It is about what the programs can do for the conference even when not good and running a good enough program to compete.
Besides UH, Cincinnati, UCF an BYU have all had recent successes at a high level.

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It’s like why did the Big East pick USF when they had just started a football program instead of UH back around 2003? My guess is because it would bring them the Tampa market in TV and the Big East was a conference based in the east.

It’s why I was surprised when the American invited Rice, what good, other than maybe baseball, would they be for the conference? My only guess is the TV market.

‘why haven’t you posted one insane rant on the message boards’ LOL