Could the city ever get behind our team?

I’m a huge rockets fan but they are garbage right now and I know there is a lack of interest at this point. If we go on a run could you all see the city getting behind our team?

Yes, if we stay undefeated and are ranked.


Could the rockets be after Zion at this point?

They need him. There is so much young talent in the NBA that is hitting their stride at the moment, and the Rockets have absolutely nothing beyond Paul, Harden, and Capela.


Depends on what you mean by getting behind the team? If you mean selling out weekday games against schools that the average fan can’t name the mascot, maybe a 20 game win streak, top 10 ranking in polls and ratings, a conference championship and a final four appearance the previous year. If you mean being the talk of the town, then maybe a 20 game win streak, a couple of top 25 wins, being the favorite to win the conference and a shoe in for a top 4 seed in the tournament.


I hope not…the rockets are a mess and they can thank management for giving an aging declining cp3 a max contract for the next 5 years.

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Once we get to number 1 in the nation !!

Then the local so called news stations (not talking about Berman) might…just might mention that we have a game that day or next day !!

I’m not counting on it.


We don’t need “the city” to get behind us.

We need a small percentage of our 200,000+ local alumni and 45,000+ students (of which 10,000 live in a one mile radius of the Fertitta Center) to get their butts in the seats.


To do what!

I wasn’t around for phi slamma jamma…but how involved was the city during that time period? Hope some of our posters who were around then could answer that.

Tbh idk. Melo came and all of a sudden they were horrible. They should have went for Butler.

“Do i need to go to UH to get great seating and better Basketball” - Mr Fertitta himself on KHOU11.

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I was too young to remember but, this is a different city than it was in the early 80’s. In 1980 there were 2.9 million people in the Houston MSA. Today there are more than 6.9 million.


There were some great crowds for the PSJ 1982-83 team. They were a fun team.

However, the only Home Sell Out I remember was the last game of the season against Rice (of all teams).

Oh by the way…it was on a Monday night (I think) right after the new polls came out…with UH ascending to Number 1 !!

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They had two great players and got rid of one of them. He was the key to their defense. Their defense is somewhere in the bottom half of the league. I can’t imagine what the GM was

They did — 4 1st round picks for a rental. I like Butler, but that didn’t seem like a smart move.

Yeah, no I remember. But, you would think after being close to the finals the team wouldn’t have fallen off so drastically.

This. Houston is a pro city that has the Astros, Texans, Rockets & Dynamo who draw well. UH will need to keep winning. Best marketing UH basketball can have right now is promote that they are 8-0, undefeated. Good thing we have a great coach and team to continue to play with the same intensity even if we’re undefeated.

What in Green’s earth :earth_americas: have I’ve gotten myself into ??? :yum:

Btw, Chris Paul is old. No longer a superstar but a star player when he plays (cus rest)

Right now, they’re at #8 pick in the mock draft. Zion or Rj would be the pick if they continue to tank and don’t make any significant trades or trade away this year’s first round pick.

The city was most definitely behind PSJ. The news stations would make special reports weekly and one even came up with a video of all the dunks that the team was famous for. A watch party for the national championship game I went to was hosted by a t-sip friend, had 20 people of which 3 were UH alums. The rest were alums/fans of other SWC and SEC schools. And, the crowds were large and very boisterous at the Pavilion, but didn’t sell out the 10K arena on a regular basis.


What happened to the UH basketball commercials