If so…nice.

No, because ut ain’t dancing.


I don’t think UT could beat Nevada.


I have no idea why he has texas in the field at a 16-15 record…no team has ever been selected with a 500 record or a game over.


At 16-15, if UT makes the Dance, it’s a travesty…


Nevada would roll UT in nearby SLC at altitude. I don’t think the committee would let that matchup happen, NV as a 6 seed in SLC isn’t quite fair. I’m not scared of NV but I’d be crying foul if we got that path to the sweet 16. They would have a home crowd.

11 seed, nice ESPN just setting it up for them to lose to KU and go to Dayton.


A couple of 16-14 teams have made it, though, so you are kind of splitting hairs. The thing is that after their first Big 12 tourney game Texas will either get a win over Kansas and almost certainly be in at 17-15. If they lose I’m with you guys in that I can’t see a .500 team getting an at large bid. 16-15 or 17-15 vs. 16-14 doesn’t seem that different. However, 16-16 does to me, but I guess I’m splitting hairs as well.


Its just mind boggling that last year St Mary’s had a record of like 32-4 and couldnt get into the field and yet were having a discussion about a team that at best will finish 17-16 getting in smh…


In a word…NO

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I agree St. Mary’s probably should have gotten in last year. But the committee has been pretty consistent that good wins are the most important factor. The Gaels had 1 Q1 win last year. If Texas beats Kansas they’ll have 6 and a few are/would be really good (@ Kstate, UNC neutral, Purdue, Kansas neutral). That said, I watched a good bit of Texas-TCU and Texas did not look like a tourney team in that game and I don’t think they will beat Kansas.

Also, as mentioned, the bubble is much worse this year. Last year’s St. Mary’s team probably would have made it this year. This year’s St. Mary’s team that is 20-11 would probably be in right now if they had won a game against the tourney teams on their schedule they lost to (Zags, LSU, Miss State, or Utah State).


They will be 16-16 after first round of their tournament. !

Ut just got rolled at home on Sr night by a tcu team playing short-handed

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In some weird alternative universe…if we can’t have our house the way it is right now, I wouldn’t mind seeing Shaka on the staff. I think our program is exactly the type of situation where he would thrive. He is a great coach…UT is just not a good fit for him.

That being said…I’m livin’ and dyin’ with the Sampson family…happily.


Aside from the obvious, one of the things that has always made the NCAA tournament so special is the selection process itself. I’ve often disagreed with the selections but I’ve never really doubted the veracity of the selectors’ attempt to field the best 64.

I think that if UT makes it then it will cast a shadow on that process.

Besides, I want UT to get killed by 30 in the first round of the NIT.


Texas state should get a bid. Their only chance is to win the sun belt. Shame. I know they don’t play a murderous schedule but those kids deserve to be rewarded for their season. Not a 500 team.

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I think I can agree with that now but when Jerry Tarkanian was coaching, it was obvious that his teams were left out when possible. I’ve always been a little suspicious since those days.

Jerry Palm doesn’t even have Texas as one of his 1st 4 out at this point.

Has the Coogs in Tulsa with a potential 2nd round match-up of Buffalo/Ohio State

And Bracketville (the top bracketologists over the last 5 years) have Texas as their 2nd 4 out

Has Houston as a 3 in Salt Lake City with a potential 2nd round matchup of Auburn/Indiana


School with ESPN sponsorship gets pushed on ESPN generated content

The horror!


This is kind of participation trophy-ish. Putting aside Texas, Texas State has nowhere close to a tourney caliber resume for an at large spot.