Couple of notes from Wichita

Thank God for Rob Gray. The second half became the Rob Gray Show after Galen went out with his fourth foul early in the second half. Our ball movement became slow to nonexistent, and San Diego State was selling out to depend on the perimeter.

Galen and Rob should be able to get to the tin against Michigan’s guards, based on the success Montana’s guards had from time to time.

It was a odd atmosphere in the building until the final minute. Virtually all the fans were disinterested observers, which meant that the only fans cheering for most of the game were us and the San Diego State people.

But the building exploded when the San Diego State kid hit that first three to tie the game. They went nuts again when Rob hit the three, and went completely ballistic when the same kid tied it up again. When Rob made the game-winning shot, the roof almost came off. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a UH basketball game in that kind of atmosphere. The only thing I can compare it to was Clyde’s first game against Texas 20 years ago. It was that loud.

The people up here are almost too nice. We had a number of Wichita State fans stop us and wish us good luck.

The only downside is that we now have two days to kill before the next game, and there is next to nothing to do in this city.


True on all counts. Awesome environment.
Two days is probably good for the team. I was exhausted in the stands. So I can only imagine how worn down the team was.

Wichita doesn’t have much to do as far as I can tell. We are going to stop by the Keeper of the Plains and walk the Arkansas River Trail today.
Food wise, I can highly recommend the Wichita Brewing Co. They have a pizza called the “Itis,” that is one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had.


The atmosphere for the second half of Seton Hall - N.C. State was really odd. Very little neutral interest because most people had left… kind of reminded me of the boxing movie Play it to the Bone, where two guys are fighting their hearts out and most people are looking on with little interest until the end.

Same for the Michigan game, props to the Montana band they stayed lively till the bitter end.

I think I’m going to head into town to walk around and watch some tourney games… hitting up that Keeper of the Plains doesn’t sound like a bad idea either.

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I watched on TV and the announcers for TBS had absolutely 0 energy in their voices. I know it was at least their 2nd broadcast of the day but still.

Saturday, I think I’ll mute the TV and listen to the radio call.

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