COVID Comeback? Frightening Post

My son and I have COVID. First time for either of us.

I probably got it at the Alabama game since I haven’t been in public otherwise in three or four weeks (and work from home).

More is coming, it appears:

Get well… I’ve had it twice now and this second time, October, is still lingering…

I came down with a “mystery virus” about 2 weeks after testing negative and I’m still hacking up crap and they still don’t want to give me antibiotics… :man_shrugging:

I hope all 3 of you get well soon.

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It’s going to be really rough for China. Not bringing in US vaccines was a huge mistake.


With a population of 170 million over 64, they are going to have big problem
rationing medical care. And no telling how many new virus mutations will
occur in that fertile ground. Feel sorry for the people.

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Good luck to you both. Care to share your vaccination status and
symptom severity you are experiencing ? If not, completely understand.

I just got my bivalent Pfizer booster a week ago after having a rough time with
the first booster about 12 months ago. Normal response this time, just sore arm for 2 days,
much like the original shot response.

TMC is showing we are at 347% of viral load in wastewater currently.

Pride goeth before destruction, American vaccine wasn’t Chinese, therefore he turned his back on a effective solution for his people.


The biggest risk will be more shortages in meds as well as further disruptions to the supply chain.

Get your pain meds while you can.

Thanks for the well wishes.

Feeling much better, but still testing positive. I’m thinking I got whatever Kyle got–just keeps hanging on.

I’m more worried about my son. He’s got pretty severe asthma and he ends up in the ER a couple of times every year when the rescue medicine won’t work. But so far he’s doing okay.

What’s funny is that I was sick for 8 days right after Thanksgiving. Bad cold or middling flu, I thought, because I tested negative for COVID several times. I got well for about a week and then I got very sick and tested positive. So I’m not sure if that was a COVID prelude, or just a cold (and some bad luck).

We’re all vaxxed and boosted. But we haven’t gotten the new booster. I planned to go and take my son, but things just kept popping up. And then I got sick for the first time, and I thought we’d wait a couple of weeks to get the booster.

So I think being vaxxed has helped to keep things from getting bad. I’ll get boosted a few weeks after I test negative again.

Again, thanks to all!

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You might want to test your antibody levels first. You might not need the shot.


Insane what’s happened in China. It’s what happens when at-risk individuals don’t take their vaccines.

I’m pretty curious how the winter is going to look here in the US. 70% of the population appears to have received the primary series which isn’t all that useful at this point considering those shots don’t target the current variant, but Booster rates are incredibly low in the US. Less than 15% of the population has gotten the bivalent booster.

Judging by that vaccine rate, I predict the elderly. diabetics and people with conditions are going to be on hospital beds again this winter especially if they refuse to take the new booster.

Thanks, I’ll ask my family doc. about that.

I was supposed to have my yearly physical this week, but waiting for her to tell me when it’s safe to come in for that. I’ll bring that up with her.

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My family has had it a couple times…no big deal…like the flu for a couple days! 90 year old parents and in-laws all had it…again no big deal…. To be honest my reaction to the vax was just as bad….we probably got it twice since we go out…get well soon

Something else making a comeback is chickenpox and measles. Anti-vaxxer sentiment used to be a fringe group but the pandemic has unfortunately shifted that. Pretty scary.


It’s just so crazy. We’ve had school mandated vaccinations for a long time
very successfully. Now the woke right wants to go back to a time of needless
sickness and illness.

I do worry about any new mutations as it now starts to burn through China. But the vaccines are/have been effective at reducing deaths and hospitalizations. The fact the virus also mutated and does not attack the lungs as the original and delta used to is a bit of luck too. The new data we are learning about Covid and it’s affects long after one gets over it can be sobering/scary to read.

Honestly both sides are to blame, not just the right.

Not equally.

Either way, conspiracy theories abound on the right at this point in time. It’s not just vaccines. Personal responsibility of the individual matters too.

I just feel that the reason for vaccine hesitancy is because of how the covid vaccine / masking became very political. You have the right using fear tactics, and you have the left using shaming tactics. Neither of which will convince either party to change their perspectives. It just makes everything much worse. We’re at a point now where any opposing view point by either party is going to be rejected for the sole reason it’s a viewpoint from the opposing party.

That being said, the bivalent booster vaccination rate still remains at less than 20% of the entire US population, and the vaccine for children under 5 is somewhere below 10%. I don’t think it’s still a left vs right situation. I think people feel that because the primary series didn’t stop the virus (which I don’t know why anyone would think that it would have in the first place), they feel it’s pointless to continue boosting especially if they’ve already had the virus.

The most flagrant sign of hypocrisy by both parties are is the vaccine vs. abortion argument. Pro Life + Anti Vaccine vs. Pro Choice + Pro Vaccine literally makes zero sense when argued politically.

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It’s maybe a reason (probably is) but it’s not THE reason. At least not with people getting MMR or Polio vaccines. That’s way over simplifying this issue.

We aren’t even talking about covid here. We have a conspiracy problem right now. Just look at the buy in of Q conspiracies. It’s crazy.