COVID Comeback? Frightening Post

I think you’re talking my body my choice. I get it. But also, saying you’re pro life and focused on the children yet broadly anti vaccine is pretty hypocritical.

Exactly. Both arguments make zero sense, and the anti-vax crowd historically was a left wing ideology. Suddenly it’s become a right wing ideology.

As far as the my body my choice movement there isn’t really any legal basis for that phrase, but it was a phrase birthed out of Roe v. Wade. If you support mandated vaccination, then it doesn’t make any sense that you would be pro-choice as well. It just defeats the entire purpose of full bodily autonomy even if factoring in a contagion element. That just leaves room for gray area which is not typically accepted in the black and white American legal system.

That being said, there’s obviously nuances to everything.

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Wanna increase your chances of dying? Don’t get vaccinated. That’s it. That’s what the data says. I have a few friends who won’t be vaccinated. Middle-aged, educated, have money, but they’ll roll the dice. Since they haven’t died, they feel vindicated. The data says otherwise.


I hate when children get looped into it the nonsense. That’s the scariest part for me.


At the end of the day, it’s their choice to make as I think it should be. It still doesn’t negate the fact that majority of those hospitalized or die are elderly, obese/diabetic or have some sort of underlying condition. The vaccine should be advocated the most to those groups of people, but the government and health institutions while vaguely and occasionally highlight that particular group, they still fail to communication that message and instead advocate blanket vaccination.

“Get vaccinated to protect yourself and your family this holiday season” - White House

Protect from what? A virus that continues to have breakthrough infections? Protect from death? Why not just say that instead of being so vague? Why not advocate more exercise and demonize salt, fat and sugar?

Let’s be real. Most of the folks that refuse to get vaccinated for covid don’t care what Biden says. Many of that group are buying into a host of conspiracies around him (deep state, etc).

Either way, forget covid. This issue is much bigger now which is the point of the article I posted.

But again, check the bivalent booster vaccination rate. It’s below 20% across the entire country. People shouldn’t even be going to Biden for health advice in the first place.

I don’t know about all this deep state, Qanon, conspiracy stuff. That just seems like social media jargon rather than reality. I think most average people aren’t hard right or hard left.

I think people in general just have gotten lazy and are caring less about this virus. The notion that vaccines do not stop transmission of the virus is pretty much well circulated in the public. It’s not a conspiracy. It’s pretty much fact at this point. So why get any more boosters especially if you fall outside of the ‘at-risk’ column?

I’m far less worried about covid right now. It’s largely under control in the US.

We have a bigger issue knocking on our door.

As for Q conspiracies taking hold, there are polls that suggest otherwise.

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I highly doubt normal immunization requirements for public school will ever be deemed unconstitutional.

The difference is the normal suite of immunization shots all have over 95% efficacy which is why most of those particular viruses/diseases have been eradicated. Anyone that rejects those shots for political reasons are idiots. I haven’t seen to my knowledge any right wing politician advocating for ridding if routine immunization. I’ve only seen anti-COVID mandate rhetoric which I agree with for the most part

Yet kids still aren’t getting vaccinated. It’s a problem.

Enough about covid, there is a bigger issue here. Zoom out of the trees and look at the forest.

Where are you seeing this? You literally can’t step foot in a classroom in Texas (a conservative state) unless you’ve taken the immunization shots for MMR, smallpox, hepatitis and meningitis. It’s also required for public universities.

I’ve voiced my opinions on “polling” before here. I don’t think average people even know what Qanon is unless you follow politics closely

Sigh, I posted an article about this issue. Not all kids go to public school and there are exceptions allowed even there.

And you’re not right about polls. They know what they are doing for the most part. But keep trusting your gut and experiences as truth if you want.

It’s not about knowing what Q is either. It’s about believing their conspiracies. The polls don’t focus on Q specifically. Read the polls before immediately discounting what they say.

Private schools have minimum vaccine requirements too. It’s not just public. Look we could go on all day about this. Complaining on a coogfans forum won’t do much but confirm your own biases because it seems most of the active users in this section more or less have the same political viewpoints

Anyone rejecting the normal suite of immunizations are idiots. There’s literally no excuse for it. At the same time, you can’t put all the blame on right wingers. Both sides are to blame. Doesn’t matter how much of the share of blame there is. Bottom line is the way this pandemic was handled will affect vaccine hesitancy no matter what. Most people in this country never gave thought to vaccines or medical trustworthiness until this pandemic occurred. Now everyone’s an expert.

Not all private schools require them (see the article I posted). And there are exceptions in public schools.

There are some that homeschool because of it (I know one family that did that and I’m sure there are others) too.

This is a growing problem and scary. Nasty stuff is coming back and that’s really bad. Kids are getting wrapped in dangerous decisions by their parents.

You can’t fix stupid


Q are mainstream. That’s how popular it is.

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Last time we looked deeper into this for Texas,
the right leaning counties had the far higher rate of unvaccinated children in public schools.
The more rural counties, the heavier the voting
is republican , and the higher the opt out rate for children vaccination rates.

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Then you must not be looking at all.

In Idaho, a lawmaker introduced a bill that would define vaccine mandates — of any kind— as a form of assault.

In Florida, a prominent state senator has called for a review of all vaccine requirements, including those for immunizations that have enjoyed wide public acceptance for decades, like polio and the measles, mumps, and rubella shot.

And in Montana, the Republican governor recently signed into law a new bill that forbids businesses, including hospitals, from enforcing any vaccination requirements as a condition of employment.

Experts warn that the growing power of the joint anti-vaccine and anti-mandate movement could also provide cover to darker forces of anti-government sentiment.

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Here’s info on exemptions. Not hard to get in a lot of states, including Texas.

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Here are the trends in Texas.

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