At the medical center today for a cardiology complete workup. My doctor works with U of H and the NCAA. He says we are still struggling with the coming season. NCAA has approved 25% limit on in person attendance but there are still concerns. Players that get the virus get OK in 2-3 days. Youth and health is hard for the virus to overcome. The worry is the mingling of players with family and friends. Some player transmitting the bug to a vulnerable older person.
Anyway just a conversation. My doctor knows I am a big U of H booster and so he shared this with me without my prompt.

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My son mentioned that we most likely will not be allowed to meet and visit with them after games… I know that will be hard for parents that live out of town or out of state, but if it keeps them healthy, we will do what they ask


I think that’s all anyone can ask. I know for many it’s a sacrifice to not visit post game, but like this whole thing if we all make our sacrifices, and do our parts elsewhere everything gets a bit easier to be more normal for everyone.

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