Covid vaccinations



Lol, yeah right they are both far left

But have they been outed by their owner in court like Rupert said about Fox News and its hosts as lying to viewers like you.


They are talking head shows, they all spin to thier audience. CNN pushed fake Russian collusion for two years, nothing to see here.

I gave the same source, like you asked for.

In any case, it was a pointless ask.

No, sir. Not the same. Internal documents said they knew it was a lie. They didnt believe it, but pushed it. You believed the election was stolen, president Biden was not legit.
You were lied to with the sole purpose to sell viewership to advertisers.

Address the big lie. Don’t defelct.

Do you feel duped, about the election lie?


CNN also called people that suggested Covid leaking from a lab as MAGA conspiracy theorists

Now it’s an actual thing

When did it become fact? The DOE said low confidence.

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This thread should have been closed by the person that opened it.

Instead we are arguing about which of the cable news networks is the worst.

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I meant it’s an actual thing as in CNN is now reporting on it without bias

You can’t feel duped when you are a dupe.

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Anyone who can’t discern between intelligent reporting by credible hosts and guests, and obnoxious dorks and those like them are akin to the latter. MAGAts, CPAC attendees it’s a luny dorkfest. You can spend your life watching videos of the genius brigade. Do you think it is thousands of CNN or FOX viewers standing on an overpass for several months waiting for JFK to come back to life?

There’s a difference between the virus leaking from the lab, and the thought that is was done deliberately.

I believe that part of the Dominion ruling will be that FOX and their lying hypocrites be required to repeatedly make on air retractions and admissions of guilt.



Something about this just seems so odd.

That video has to be pushing 2 years old.

Oh for sure. It’s pretty clear by now that the vaccine doesn’t really protect others but instead protects yourself from severe illness and death. However at the time of this video the messaging was that it prevents disease as well as prevents infecting others. There’s over a million deaths by now. It’s just the approach of Fauci and his team knocking on doors for vaccination just seems very odd and coercive.

Also I feel that Fauci could’ve thoroughly explained to the man the science in more detail. It’s like he just refused to even try and instead let the woman explain any facts.

It sure seems like you posted this video to give yourself the opportunity to repeat your thoughts on this again. We know how you feel.

As for your last point, that guy didn’t want to hear about the science. He wanted to say what he wanted to say which is cool.


That’s why everyone posts in this sub section lol

Usually people are adding something slightly new. At least something that happened recently.

This is really old news.