Covid vaccine injury class action filed against federal government -Australia

No telling what long term effects that covid shots and boosters are going to have on the body.

My wife just had her fifth vaccine.

I’m getting my fifth today.

Vaccines don’t scare me.

What are YOU afraid of?


He is afraid of facts, science, decency and democracy for starters.


Democrats, he’s very scared of democrats.


He’s afraid to think for himself and let himself be influenced by his media masters.

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You can say that again.


GBS is a real thing and has been included as a risk in the fine print of ANY vaccine for a long long
time. Small number , very small percent, of people have this type of reaction to a vaccine. I’m GBS survivor. Most folks recover nearly completely from the temporary paralysis of GBS in a period of a few months to 2 years. Bottom line, odds are highly in your favor to taking a covid shot vs developing GBS. Benefits far outweigh the risks.

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