Crap. Grimes is having some injury issues

No wonder he’s been a non-factor these last two games.

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Is this from the slip at South Carolina? He hasn’t been the same since.


Well then don’t play the kid. It is just hurting the team. I don’t understand why coaches play kids that are injured. Let him get healthy and come back strong.


I don’t question Sampson on his coaching decisions but I kind of agree.

CKS said in the post game interview that Grimes problem with his foot might be planters facetious. Having had that I can’t imagine trying to play basketball with that condition. Dang, I had trouble walking.


I had been wondering what the issue was. Thanks for the word.

In the post game presser he said Grimes has a lower leg issue, maybe the slip, and a bottom of the foot issue.

plantar fasciitis*

And yes its awful, I play ball with it and it sucks

That sucks if the case. Not something that will go away sitting a couple games, right? He might just be less than 100% rest of season if that is one of his issues.

If it is indeed plantar fasciitis, then I can honestly say, as a former sufferer, that can take a long time to get better.

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That’s not something to joke about. :slightly_smiling_face:


I had that. Wasn’t sure what caused it and wasn’t sure what made it go away. It was there one day and several months later it wasn’t. It felt like a bruise on my heel.

Some PF require surgery. When I was checked, the Dr. took an xray and said frequently there was a bone spur extending downward, but mine was parallel to the ground, so no surgery. The facia of the muscle (plantar) that goes down the back of the leg goes under the heel and when it gets tight, pain results. I have heard of people having their heel split because so much pressure was exerted by the facia. I had to wear heel pads and shoe inserts for several months prior to the pain going away. This was several years ago, and infrequently my heel bothers me to this day.

This would be reassuring if it’s something that he for the most part recovers from in the next week or two because it’s a great explanation for why he has been struggling and we can be encouraged he’ll look more like he did against Rice, etc. soon.

However, if it’s something like PF that he could be dealing with for months, that is definitely not great.

Omg. I guess, in a very weird coincidental way, I just came down with it on Thursday. That’s exactly what it feels like…a bruise under my right heel, but no bruising appearance. It just started all of a sudden. I can walk, but it’s painful, depending on how I step. I can’t imagine playing basketball with constant pounding on that heel.

Gonna have it looked at this next week, but I guess I’m looking at some months of discomfort. This thread was more informative to me that I was expecting.


I haven’t seen him in any of the mocks. I still think he will declare once the season is over.

Don’t worry. Some people don’t have it for that long. I’m not an ortheopedist but I think they can give you a shot if it persists.

At minimum you might end up spending a couple of hundred $ on a decent orthotic.

Hopefully its just an internal bruise. I will say that when mine went away I was right back out on a stand-up paddle board the next week…no prob.

I like Grimes’ game, and I was and still am very elated having him on our team…but seriously, to this point he has shown me no reason to believe that he will not be back at least one more year…well, unless he catches fire sometime between now and tourney time…

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More playing time for C Mills :smiley:. Love that kid! Like Q Grimes too. He’s gone though IMO, will bet on himself like Armoni.

He looked much better today with 18 pts