Crazy money grabs will affect everyone

As a Coog alumni, member of junior Cougar Club 1975 and Life Member I am as anxious as anyone…We are at the mercy of powers that be. Have faith in CDH and give him what any coach deserves…4 yr recruiting class + 1 year for Covid. I don’t agree with everything he does all the time. I am no sycophant. Mike Aresco is real. Fertitta is…smarter than I can imagine. Renu is ambitious and will support Pez. SEC gives the old SWC teams lessons in Power … I want UH where there’s no ceiling on the school. Like Sampson. PAC may get its act together now that Larry Scott is gone. Network game times don’t work on the West Coast YET. Aresco may be the best Commissioner we could aspire to. Enjoy the Ride and try to keep the faith. Thanks for listening. I feel better :kissing_cat: already