Creative, well executed play-calling

It’s a thing of beauty.

I assume you’re talking about Kansas. Yes, it is. They’ve had one penalty after 3/4. Love their offensive scheme. It’s creative and fun to watch


Announcers say we have no sense of urgency. Absolutely terrible. Goodness gracious.

Vanilla, no motion, etc not challenging defense.

Tough to watch. I may have to go to the coaches show and be vocal. At least someone can show some fire.

Golden’s wr trainer sat beside me at UTSA game. Said Golden sends him practice film and the routes are super simple and not many of them. That I’m sure factors into why wrs have issue getting open.

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Yes, we seem to have an overly simple offensive scheme problem. Our being so “plain vanilla” on offense is seemingly easy for our opponents defensive coordinators to figure out and to defeat.

We are showing no motion, mis-direction, creatively or imagination.

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