Cronin Resting Cumberland

It sure looked like Cincy was resting Cumberland today. Cronin wants to kick our arse!

Attack the basket while using Nste Hinton on Cumberlsnd…

I think it is too little too late for resting Cumberland. Cronin has been overusing him all season. He is going to be gassed tomorrow. Three games in three days and he played all 40 in one of them. Corey is going to have fire in his eyes over the POY snub.

He is a really good college player. Not sure he’ll handle the NBA well.

In the NBA they actually have coaches who can design offenses that don’t run players into the ground. Cronin is all the RahRah type of coach but is overrated due to his lack if Xs and Os. We beat Cincy because while we have a similar philosophy, Sampson actually develops his players and can put in good game plans to complement his roster. Its obvious Cronin cannot adapt for his roster especially on offense.

If he need rest now wait until he get a load of that NBA schedule where you can be in LA today and NY tomorrow.

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Disagree on Cronin. We may beat them but it won’t be due to his lack of skills.

Cumberland played 40 min yesterday and has looked tired this tournament. He was possibly resting him today because he had 4 fouls. However two other starters still played 37 & 38 minutes.