Yeah 82 degrees and then poof, it got chilly with a slight wind.
Folks just need to read their weather reports and dress accordingly.
Plus the dang game lasted forever making it an long night.
I expect our crowds will be even better next year…,sweating one week and cold the next.
Just be prepared!

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EA-6B for the win…

We have momentum building again… Finish strong this year and we’ll be off to good crowds next year and I think we’ll start selling out once in the Big 12.

Having a legit shot at a natty goes a LOOOOOONNG way in creating fan support.


Friday game during high school playoffs did not help. The game should have been on Saturday at 3:30


“Flight of the Intruder” an all time favorite of mine.

Friday didn’t help?

Thursday’s don’t help - Work on Friday.
Saturday afternoon’s don’t help - Soccer practice for kids.
Saturday nights don’t help - Church the next morning.
Too hot.
Too cold.
The Astros are playing .
The Rockets are playing.
Thanksgiving break,
Bad food
Not enough food.
Too busy tailgating outside.
No place to tailgate.

Did I leave anything out?


Live in NY.

And I would ask why?


AMEN brother that’s what I was insinuating with above posts, BIG time football programs don’t whine and cry every week like Houston people, they show up, it’s the MAIN reason we have been left out of P5 for a long time, wake up UH Alumni support ur dang team!!!


Because nobody else in the country would ever allow me to do the kind of work I do.

It’s odd just how hard it is to get people interested once buzz has been killed. I know two big time cougar fans that gave up their season tickets this year. I offered one of them my extra ticket for Friday and they we’re like “I’ll let you know.”
But even more than that, I’ve been going and my game buddy and I even commented on how we aren’t feeling as excited about being 10-1 as we should be or even have been in previous seasons. Somehow there is a lack of “this could be special” feeling.
Still, loving watching.
Go Coogs.


I know the sound was too low last night. They need to fix it around section 120. All we need is a speaker or something in that area.

As for music, I can hear the band fine. I think most of the old fogies on this board dislike the type of music being played as opposed to the sound.

5,195 F4s produced.

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The sun is out
It is dark outside
With traffic, it is hard to get to a 7 PM start on a Thursday or Friday
8 PM is too late to start a game.

We just can’t win at this game…people are going what they want.

Forget the fact that the majority of people that attend Texas A&M games drive in from the Houston metro…and they find a way to support their Alma mater

All we have is EXCUSES!


We had approximately 29000 there last night including the biggest student crowd of the year.
If we show up against Cincy we should increase attendance next year.
Beat Cincy and win an NY 6 game and our season ticket holders should sky rocket!
We have already established we have a weak fan base now is the time to win over folks with winning conference titles


As hated as he is overall, this subject will be why Tom Herman will ALWAYS have a small group of supporters/appreciators.

Herman wrote the blueprint for how to fill up that stadium 6 six years ago and not one person in the athletic department learned a damn thing. Every local radio and tv station KNEW that if they didn’t talk up Herman’s team he was going to publicly call them out. You didn’t go to his press conference? Oh he was on your ass publicly. Doesn’t have to be Dana doing this but SOMEBODY in the AD has to pound the table for this team. That man went on Tyler local tv (TYLER FRIGGIN TEXAS) and told Greg Ward’s mama to feed him lol. You don’t think that gets attention?

Every week is the same. Zero buzz in the city. The school decides on friggin Tuesday or Wednesday that maybe it would be a good idea to advertise the game, but you know what? Unless you actually follow their sm accounts you won’t see it. Not only that but they post videos when most people don’t watch videos on sm unless they expect a payoff. Anyone can tell before the game begins that attendance is going to be low but we do the same song and dance every week. Idk if folks on message boards live in coog bubble, but idk how people are surprised every single week.

It‘s like 99% of coogs completely forgot the dynamics of the 15 and 16 seasons and everything Herman did. “Well they advertise the game on insert crappy radio station”.

Just to hit some common replies before they get thrown out:

  1. Most people don’t listen to sports radio and if they do they change the station during commercials
  2. John Granato has ONE show on ONE station.
  3. Hosts talking up a matchup as a big game is a significantly better advertisement than an actual ad.

This is ultimately on us as fans, but to see that NOBODY from the school learned anything from Herman just really annoys me for some reason.


The intensity and noise were reduced by the numerous delays due to injuries and penalties. I think it was a disgrace to have such a small crowd for such an important game.

The students turned out well though.


Never liked Herman as a Coach.

He was a MARKETING genius IMHO.

He knew how to push Houston fans buttons.


This is a marketing issue. I have written countless posts on the subject.
We have Mr. HOSPITALITY Fertitta as one of our main leaders and we keep getting these crowds?
Are we/our university learning anything from these low attendance? This is the question that I would like you to ask Chris. We have enough UH alums in the greater Houston area to fill TDECU 20 times over.
What is the plan to do so? That is the main question for me.
Is there a plan?

We have a great business school.
We have a great hotel management school
We have Mr. Hospitality Fertitta at the helm

What is it going to take to associate the three mentioned above and create an “attendance task force”?
How many university have the three “pluses” that I have mentioned?
Can someone relay what I keep mentioning? Thank you friends.


The attendance was fine for a 5-5 Memphis team. And it felt like a 29k crowd. The last time we had that many fans was back in 2016 (a whole 5 years).

Those Friday games have always drawn a lot of students because they are usually or will usually stay on campus. This game drew because we’re winning, last home game, and we consider Memphis our rival.

But the complaint was on the fan involvement due to factors such as music and volume. Was whomp whomp played last night? We’re there any 3rd down loud beats as a queue to get loud. Were the players raising their arms saying get loud enough for the fans to get loud? No

Why? Because you change the atmosphere when theres no music on and the volume isnt loud enough. It’s a reason you play music during parties or events as loud as comfortable as possible. The students especially know that.

Solution - place speakers around stadium or raise the volume just a bit more.

I feel bad for the people who have hearing problems due to engines and other loud events. Sincerely, that sucks because people don’t understand how valuable being able to hear is. Hopefully we can all be happy with the volume in the future somehow.

I’ll get off my box now.


I remember whomp being played once

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