Cruz versus MSNBC

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Ari Melber must have struck a nerve and I bet Jack Smith is listening.

April 26, 2023, 10:57 AM EDT

By Steve Benen

In the days following the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, Sen. Ted Cruz was widely seen as among the most tarnished members of Congress. Pointing to the senator’s anti-election efforts, the editorial board of The Houston Chronicle, for example, called forthe Texas Republican to resign. Similarly, the editorial board of The San Antonio Express News called for Cruz’s expulsion from Capitol Hill.

A day later, Chad Sweet, a longtime Cruz friend and a former CIA operative who chaired the senator’s 2016 presidential campaign, denounced the senator for abetting an “assault on our democracy.” Soon after, a Republican senator appeared on NBC News’ “Meet the Press” and said that Cruz was not only “complicit in the Big Lie,” the Texan was also one of the GOP lawmakers who had “a lot of soul searching to do.”

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If there is proof of Cruz’s role he should get what he deserves.

Cruz is an embarament who will never win a national election.

Even the MAGA base can barely stand him.


What he said in private (no steal) and what he said in public (election stolen) don’t jive.

Knowingly telling lies on the Senate floor in order to foment doubt he didn’t have is fodder for investigation.