Cullen construction

Ya, I just got back from there. The streets are fine for by far the most part. A couple of spots on sidewalk to pour, but forms are already in. The unfinished look is easily remedied with some sod, light poles and sapling installation. Honestly, in this drought it may make sense to wait a bit.


Vandy is likely playing a few of their home games at the Titans Stadium
Theyre very fortunate theyre in Nashville.

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Do some of you set out to be negative?
So there is not a problem here
UH has done nothing wrong


That’s the part im talking about

If these parts of the project were just turned over and the site is about to get the landscaping and finishing touches how is it disappointing and embarrassing that things are in the process of getting done?

Doing the most over a handful of days worth of work left to do.


You can’t do the finishing work until construction is finished. Debris to be moved, vehicles and heavy equipment running around make it hard to install lighting and other peripherals. Still a lot to do. Definitely not the time be be spending $$$ on landscaping. That can be done rather quickly once construction is finished and temperatures cool a bit.


Having been in schools with construction time lines I have seen areas look like war zones one week before students report.
This is NOT uncommon

There is nothing to see here


Well…tney have 2 weeks. First home game is September 2nd.

Let’s hope they make it!

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“…there’s not much visible work going on…” Union Job?

I drove by some construction on OST around 3pm yesterday, and there was a construction worker just laid down in the shade of a tree, looking at his cell phone!

I wanted to roll my window down and tell his lazy a$$ to get up and get back to work, but I didn’t want to waste the cold AC from my car.



It could be worse. Harris County started replacing the old Beltway 8 ship channel bridge in 2018, and they still haven’t completed one side or removed the old bridge yet.


Geez that’s bad

We need to cut construction workers and others who work outside some slack due to the extreme heat. 3:00 pm is the heat of the day. If they do not stay hydrated and keep their body cool, they could have a medical emergency.


Many construction workers get off around 3 because they start at 7 or maybe in this heat wave they started even earlier.


Blame the engineers


Thank you …you are exactly right. City of Houston and Turner’s results.

The winky faces were to denote sarcasm. :grin:

I’m actually in awe of anyone who’s working outdoors right now, even for an hour or two. I wore myself out and got drenched with sweat just trying to start my chain saw last weekend. :hot_face:


I went to Rice last night to watch the Rice-Houston volleyball match. Main Street was completely shut down for a couple of blocks right in the heart of the medical center for construction. Granted this was a Saturday and one would assume that they’ll get it done by the end of the weekend but heaven help any ambulances that need to go down Main Street this weekend to get to a hospital.

I really think the heat is destroying a lot of Houston roads this summer. Potholes are appearing everywhere out of the blue, and I can only assume it’s because of the heat and dry conditions.

How was the match? Can’t find any info. Rice is usually pretty salty in VB.

Yep. I worked construction in my younger days.

June through August, we started work at sun-up, usually around 5 a.m.

It was rough for a twenty-something still interested in going out at nights–sometimes getting in at 1 or 2 and still sweating out beer at 5 and 6 in the morning.