Cullen/Elgin Construction

When is the construction :construction: on Elgin and Cullen scheduled to be completed? Anyone know?

May 2023 but once done with other entrance improvements, it’s gonna be great.

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May of 2023 , just in time for the big12 visitors and more fans so that is good.

I had to read that twice, 32 months under construction or nearly 3 years,
for such a short distance. For getting to games post construction, getting into
stadium parking garage will probably be via Scott street only ?

I think they’re taking a while because of several reasons.
1 definitely Material
2 inspections

And most importantly 3
They are letting cars and people thru so it slows them down to a point.

They need to drink red bull



Still, they aren’t building the pyramids by hand.

No i know those guys aren’t machines. But people slow them down having to watch traffic and machines and debris and everything. Should just close it completely between wheeler and Holman and then work on the outskirts.

I wish they would close it permanently as in the ‘77master plan.

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