Culture According to CKS

You may think this should be on the basketball board but I posted this specifically to the football board. UH basketball has an entrenched culture. No need to fix something that does not need fixing.

On the other hand, I think the football team would be well served to follow these rules to build on its culture.


Why is it so hard to find someone like that?

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Ehhh…. It’s much harder in my opinion to create a culture for football than basketball mainly because of the postseason landscape.

March Madness benefits all conferences while the CFB playoff benefits the SEC/B1G+OU

You could argue that Jimbo fisher had a culture at Florida State when really he had Jameis Winston. He’s making multi millions while on a hot seat


Culture! It’s not just what grows in the shower.


I’m not sure I get that the CFP affects a team’s culture. I think the football team has elements of culture but there is clearly room for improvement.

I think part of the problem is the roster turnover each season. Hard to instill a culture with players coming and going.

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That, and the sheer numbers involved (coaches, players, and ratio of coaches:players) make it more of a challenge.

There are certainly principles to emulate, but the number of moving pieces in a football program makes it kind of difficult to follow the same “formula.”

I meant it’s hard to build a culture unless you have access to playing at the highest level or at least have a shot at it (coaching turnover)

If Group of 5 teams didn’t have a shot at March Madness, I would assume that Kelvin would’ve left UH a long time ago

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Maybe we can CKS to do double duty as our HC?

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Man please.

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I would think it would go a long ways to developing that culture if the coaching staff embraced it and they found team captains that embraced it.

The blue bloods all have culture not tied to a coach. They put the cult in culture.

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Simple, one’s a future Hall of Fame Coach, the other isn’t.

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