Current Bowl Projections - 10/24/22

Wasabi Fenway Bowl
December 17
Louisville vs. Houston

Military Bowl
December 28
Pittsburg vs. Houston

Military Bowl
December 28
Old Dominion vs. Houston

Don’t get too worked up. It’s still early for projections.


Fenway Bowl would be ok. Military Bowl would be meh.

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Yuck, a bowl in a baseball park, nasty.


I sure loved the last time we played Pitt in the Armed Forces Bowl.


Late December in Boston…

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Thanks for the memory Red. People have forgotten what a miraculous comeback UH had over Pittsburgh that day, led by QB Greg Ward Jr. We had a 25 point 4th quarter, to come from behind and beat Pittsburgh 35-34. My two lasting memories of Greg Ward Jr. - Peach Bowl and Armed Forces Bowl.



16 years in Boston and I miss it. I could drag 20 people and make them root on the Coogs!


I’m happy to not see Shreveport, LA - Independence Bowl on that list.

Its Army (if eligible) vs AAC this year.

Back when it was the last bowl eligible SEC team it was called “getting sentenced to Independence”.

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It’ll probably be Shreveport, Ft Worth or Frisco. Sounds like a Country Song. Given my choice of the 3 I’d take whatever match-up offers us the weakest opponent :rofl:

Really? I kinda like the idea of Shreveport……easy drive and casinos.

No more Dallas-Ft.Worth please.


I am actually going to Baton Rouge for Christmas. Anything in the area of East Texas/Louisiana would be great. A NY6 magical selection would be best.

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Fenway Bowl would suck because I’ll be at UVA watching the basketball team that day…


I saw one projection with Tulane vs USC in Cotton Bowl.

Of course 90% had Cincy vs someone….

But that would be really cool to see Tulane in that game.


One evening at the bar at Luling, Dane rode in after playing in the Pinstripe Bowl with WVU.

I’m always looking for things to enhance the Texas Bowl so I asked Dana what did the Pinstripe Bowl do that made him say “wow”?

As only Dana can reply, “Not a gawddamn thing! They only care about the Yankees. The field was so bad we had to cut our routes off 5 yards early”

I would expect a hard field with no traction. As a transplanted Yankee who played high school turkey games, the field is pretty frozen and hard. You pray for rain and mud. Dana’s game had about 2 inches of snow on it. The Yankees only cleared the sponsor badges on the field had no visible markers.

Maybe Fenway has better groundskeepers…?:upside_down_face:

Field will be frozen like you say, though.

Unless we win the AAC I, unfortunately, see us in the military bowl again… A Pitt rematch would be kind of fun, though.

The Military Bowl is played at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium in Annapolis, MD.

We are 1-0 there this year.

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Just win out. Start with a big W on this weekend coming up against USF at home.


Greg Ward had a great 4th quarter, but don’t forget the outstanding play of Kenneth Farrow. His explosive TD run when he blew up the Pitt defensive back enroute to the end zone ignited the UH comeback. He also had other big runs and passes caught wit yac that were big in that game.

Plus a big catch in the corner of the end zone by a WR whose name escapes me ( but started with A) helped make that possible. Greenberry’s best effort of the year was in the last Two minutes.


I worked in Shreveport back in 2010 during the summer. It was awesome. Turned 21 and you know casinos and all. I want to play there.

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My brother in Virginia better be at UH game. Lol