Current Bowl Projections - 10/24/22

Was the WR named Ayers?


Demarcus Ayers


Yes, but all I could think of was Avery which I knew was wrong. Senior moment.

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It is not the groundskeeper(s) It was obviously coming from the yankees brass. Somebody did not pay the yankees the amount promised to use that field. No stadiums, fields wants to be known as an accident prone venue. There is more to this story.

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I hated three-quarters of it!


I actually watched that last quarter on YouTube a few days ago….

Never gets old.

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No way we should have lost to Tulane now we must pay the price for that lost

We don’t HAVE to pay the price… Yet.

But we definitely shouldn’t have lost that game.

My wife spent the 3rd quarter in the ladies’ room with a whole bunch of other ladies trying to get warm. She came out for the 4th quarter and told me I better take her somewhere good on vacation. Took her to Kauai.


I never understand why coaches keep going into the prevent defense when it has proven to be a way to lose.


Wasn’t it Bum Phillips who said “the only thing a prevent defense prevents is it prevents you from winning.”

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I think it was John Madden who first said it on a game broadcast.


It is referred to in the coaching world as the “prevent you from winning defense “

Unless you are up three scores with less than a 1/2 quarter to go you should never play prevent.IMHO

Play them straight up with your free safety five yard’s deeper.

In these parts, it’s always a safe bet to attribute a football quote to Bum Phillips or Darrell Royal.


If in LA I may have to pass. Not sure I can afford all the “winning” my wife will do on the top dollar machine.

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Shreveport casinos are depressing but at least it’s drivable

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The Gaspirilla Bowl has the lowest payout of any bowl with AAC ties. If you find more updated information, please post.

The matchup is intriguing, but I hope we win out and get a more attractive bowl that pays higher.

A&M won’t even make a bowl this year

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Agree that A&M is not going to be bowl eligible. Tampa though is not a bad location to visit.

I don’t judge bowl payouts without finding out what type of ticket sales commitment they force the schools into,