Current College Football Recruiting Tiers

Need to get to tier 4

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Tier 3 is what we need and can do if PAC16 happens.

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Byu tier 6? Maryland tier 3? Surprises me.


The list covers the last 5 years.

Tier 4 WVU is currently having our best recruiting class in history…rated 17th in the nation, 3rd in the Big 12 behind OU #7 and Tex-ASS #10 ( As if the Longwhores know what to do with talent anyway) 5 4-star recruits, 12 3-star recruits (our last 2 recruits have been 4-star recruits that have committed after OU/TEXIT was made public) Now I admit this is a bit outside of the norm…WVU recruited pretty well when Rich Rodriguez was head coach but since then we had been sitting around the top 40 range. This year though has been a pleasant ride.

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Maryland has had some outstanding recruiting classes of late. Their head coach these days is a fella by the name Mike Locksley…just one hell of a recruiter. So now let’s see what he can do with them

Only thing that matters is wins… Not recruiting wins… Just win baby!


Man, this Big Game Boomer dude gets a lot of respect on this board lol


UH has good facilities. If kids want gold-plated lockers, can’t compete with that. We play on TV. We are willing to spend on coaching.

If, however it works, UH can prove to be a good destination for NIL seekers, no reason to not win a lot of the recruiting battles. All that is left is to sell the program to recruits.

Meet these kids on the media they follow. We should be pumping out player superhero style videos on Tik Tok, Twitter, Instagram, and whatever streams become popular. That demonstrates to players we will promote them, which helps the players promote their brands on these same platforms. No brainer.

On the other side of the coin, players who may not be stars on the field but are stars on social media draw more eyeballs to the program, which begets more attention to the players. You get my drift. We can jump start media presence for our players while promoting UH. Are we doing this? If we are, will we do enough?

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Same tier as Kansas?

for BYU- yes.

You have to convert to Mormonism and agree to go on a mission. That’s more than just agreeing to attend College XYZ.

It’s actually brilliant. The Mormom church offer affordable tuition to it’s students and in return they get a platform to convert Protestants, Catholics, and others to the Church of LDS and their religion.

BYU is half the cost of UH, extremely safe, and highly rated. I should have joined the Mormons and sent my kids there.

It’s brilliant if you think about it.

It’s like a giant time share pitch.

“We will offer you 1/2 price tuition IF you agree to listen to the religious teachings of the church of Latter Day Saints while you earn your degree”

I wonder how many Protestant and Catholics they have been able to convert. I’m sure they follow those numbers very closely

Honestly that 2016 recruiting class is keeping us from being lower

Well at Baylor it is mandatory in your first year attend “Chapel” a few times a week if you are a Christian, Muslim or Jew. No one converts to evangelical Christianity in large numbers.
Somehow, I don’t see Jim McMahon going on a mission trip unless they offered parties.

I don’t think you have to convert and I am sure that recruits don’t have to go on a mission. I have no doubt that they’d prefer as many LDS recruits as possible as there are no misunderstandings about what is required and what is not allowed.

BYU does require all of its students (regardless of their religious beliefs) to sign a pretty strict standards of behavior pledge, that I think is enforced strictly.

And, yea, Jim McMahon was definitely never LDS. Then again, maybe they adopted new rules after he left as he was a bit of a wild man. LOL.

We have some LDS people on this board. I’d be interested if some of them would add to this thread.

Normally Kansas is the lone Power 5 offer for most of their recruits and it’s proven they attract a lower quality player.

I would bump Baylor up, FAU down and on the fence about TCU

About 1 percent BYU students aren’t Mormons, according to BYU’s Y Facts website.

In Provo, 95.7 percent of people identify as religious, with 93.3 percent identifying with the LDS Church, according to Sperling’s Best Places ranking website.

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Tier 5 would make decent conference.