Current ESPN BBall brackets

Has UH as a 9 seed in the Mid-West.


Has Oregon as an 8 seed.

What a waste of time…

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Click bait.

No Furman. He must have done more research than the AP voters.

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So silly to do this so early.


Maybe, but it gives us a chance to see how others view us. Last year at this time nobody except us thought that we could make the Big Dance.


I think it’d be cool if the committee could release actual brackets with last 4 in last byes etc starting the second week of February every 2 weeks. It would be similar to what they do with CFP rankings but I guess it would be too much work.

Buffalo is the small school who are the real deal. Don’t know how good Furman is. Kudos to St John’s and Chris Mullin. Didn’t think he was going to be surviving that much longer.

So, hypothetically, if we win our next 8 games and start the year 15-0, where do you think we would be in the rankings? I just did a quick glance at ESPN’s BPI predictor (I know, I know) and we are heavily favored in all of those games except OKST (FPI gives us a 57.9% chance of winning that one on the road).

15-0 easily gets us top ten.

But first things first… beat OSU.

I would love to see us make a statement and beat OKST by 10+. Just need to be better about closing out games.

This one will be a HARD game to win in the road. Win against Okie Lite, we’re in excellent shape to get some national respekt.