Cursing Question

Now, I am a curser. I curse every day. I am a NYC pedestrian and I am cursing all day long. Last night during the game, even more.

That being said.

Are players allowed to curse with out retribution?

Their HC was doing plenty last night. As much as I believe in the right to curse, it does not make our university look good when he does it.

Now, the loss also makes us look bad but you get the drift.

I would be less bothered if it looked like he was cussing up a storm trying to motivate players that’s just frustrated coaching trying. His cussing just looks like a tantrum that’s the bad look.


There is a whole lot of cussing and f-bombs on the sideline at college games and also more high school games than you think. I guess these coaches don’t know people in the stands can hear it but we can!

I am not trained as a lip reader but Dana makes it kind of obvious.

Also middle school coaches are sometimes the worst at it. I think my middle school coaches screamed and cursed to act tough. When I got to higher levels the coaches were more relaxed and only cursed when we were being silly