Custom T-Shirt

Here is a t-shirt my sis n law made for me …

Give me some feedback …




I like…I will take one…size L.

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Mump goin’ gangsta! :skull_and_crossbones:


Love it!!!

That’s straight fire

Not cool. I won’t like having to answer my kids’ questions about your shirt.

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Uhhh … I’m not talking 'bout anyone …

You talking about someone??

Who is talking anyway and why is it on a t-shirt …

Can someone quit talking and get us a t-shirt that isn’t talking and has at least a mention of our new conf.

Please … talking officially over … :no_mouth:

Uhhh … rules schmules … choice schmoice …

I’d wonder …

WHY are you wearing sun glasses in a DARK room or

Are you auditioning for the lead role in “What We Do in the Shadows” …

Nothing wrong with the Mighty Fine Cougars!!!

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