Cutting the cord article

Pretty good article on the future of cable/satellite TV. I’m still old school. Paying a ridiculous amount for DirecTV. What streaming services are you guys using? I’m getting closer and closer to cutting the cord. We shall see…

I tried out YouTubeTV and found it pretty nice. I told Comcast what I was doing and they magically dropped my prices 60%, with no spike in prices after a certain time period. So I stayed even though I don’t like them because it was less disruptive.


Love it…this is what I have.

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I’ve bounced around. I did DirectTVNow (which changed its name to ATT Now) but got really annoyed with them when they pulled the bait and switch on what grandfathered into original plans meant.

I then did YouTubeTV until their recent price increase when I switched to Fubo. Fubo has Hallmark (requirement for wife) which allowed to cancel a separate thing we had.

All 3 of the providers worked well. It does exactly what we needed it to do. I do wish they would stop adding channels because it feels like it’s headed towards looking a lot like streaming cable. It’s not there yet though.


I use Sports Surge. Link below. Offers many options but if you use Norton anti-virus, Grandma Streams works well and Bila Sports usually works. Norton blocks most of the other stream choices.