D’Eriq King talks leaving UH

Start at 4:40 mark


about what I expected and completely understandable.

So, to be clear, was he saying that he didn’t feel appreciated by the fans?

King is current the QB for the DC Defenders of the XFL.

Was on the Panthers practice squad for a week, most likely to get the defense prepared for Lamar Jackson. Was cut soon after.

Ehhhhh wouldn’t say this is completely understandable, seems to me like the guy just got a big head - the main thing he said he was that he “didn’t feel appreciated”


Wait… Both football teams in DC are named The Commanders?

Yeah, he said " I could have gone anywhere in the country and I’m doing this at UH" or something like that…

Mix of both. Have to give him some credit where it’s due though. He produced for Houston despite all the coaching chaos. He chose UH as a freshman. Played receiver / returner while waiting in line to be QB1. UH chose Allen/Postma for 2017 until the latter half of the season.

King had a great 2018 season, largely in part due to Briles.The problem was that Briles knew he was a one and done before dipping to Arkansas. Briles didn’t care about defense.

2019 King was forced to try and fit a scheme that really wasn’t his style which is why it didn’t work out.


My bad. DC Defenders

Haha sorry

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I was going to say that’s WEAK… But they’re different… Lol

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Good stuff, man. I was upset & disappointed when D’Eriq left, but given the hangover of the H-Town Takeover Campaign and deflating back to reality after Herman left, I don’t blame him.

And he has a point, there was ZERO stability with the coaching staff (position coaching counts, too). Even CDH mentions this, regardless of what we all think of CDH, and he has a point…coaching stability has A LOT to do with player development.

I hope more players feel empowered & free to share these kind of stories and their experiences, regardless of what the fans from their previous school(s) think of that or them.


Yeah he did, my issue is what exactly did he do here to make him act like that in the interview, he had 1 good year, played multiple positions when he first got here, but was oftentimes injured

My opinion is that he had WAY too many outside influences giving me bad advice

Glad he “loves UH” tho


It was kind of unclear to me…I think he meant the administration/coaching staff at first, but then McKenzie sort of interrupted and he (D’Eriq) finished off implying it was the fan base.

At least that was my reading of it.

at first i dont get the " i wasnt appreciated" line from king, the overwhelming majority of our fans were riding behind him when he left … and planning a magical season behind his redshirt return… i would understand if it was tune

him expanding on it made more sense… he is saying no one understood the weight and struggles he had to go through…that he was fighting to play taking all kinds of injections, and had weight on his shoulders after switching so many coaches. knowing he had to put 4-5 tds a game or the majority of the staff might not be able to feed their families, big staff and small (like a nutritionist)… that there was no joy in it anymore, and thought it some fans were complaining he only had 4 tds instead of 6tds that could have won the game

i dont think that is the whole truth, imo is that he had hope to go to a more title ready made team to boost his stock and potentially put him in the heisman conversation. Even though i dont buy thats why he left, i do buy thats a mental struggle he had to deal with and it removed some of the joy…it really showed the mental weight he had to carry, im guessing someone he liked got fired in the middle of one those coaching changes and probably felt some kind of responsibility… and the defense was so bad those years he needed like 5tds a game to give us a chance


All I know is he doesn’t acknowledge being at UH in his Twitter profile so I have no love for him.


I must have missed that.

went into detail about how he was having issues with his leg getting injections. having multiple coaches every year. even going to far as to say its not just the coaches that you have to deal with changing but the entire staff - trainers, etc…

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Stability matters.


Most of the people yapping on this site have never played football and it shows.

King always busted his ass here, but the geniuses threw a hissy fit and blamed him instead of Dana trying to put a square peg into a round hole.

Herman and Applewhite were able to dominate with King but Dana couldn’t? Funny how several OCSs were able to utilize King except for Dana/Dawson.




I see where you’re coming from, but Herman didn’t dominate with King.

Sure, he recruited him, but only sporadically used him as a WR or Punt Returner the season he left for UT (2016).

You could even say Herman had no intention of playing King at QB (as D’Eriq wanted to do) since he brought in Kyle Allen as a transfer.

Also, Dawson was the Tight Ends Position Coach the year D’Eriq left (2019), so he had no involvement in D’Eriq’s development or lack thereof.