D looked batter after rewatching the game

After rewatching the game I have to say that our DBs, on the whole, played much tighter to the LOS that I have seen all year.
We still have work as their backup averaged 17.5/completion.

BUT, we forced him to throw the ball downfield instead of the easy screen.
We did get beat on slants. But at least we did not get pecked to death by a backup QB.

Playing the DBs up made Boomer have to find receivers. And he was forced into some terrible throws. We just did not catch them.

Tulsa had one good offensive quarter. And they were going for fourth downs. They kept our D on the field.

We also blitzed of the sides of EO. That was very effective

So maybe there is growing going on with the DC. I hope we keep going aggressive.

If we hold onto the INTs this game is not close.



There were definitely points where I thought the D did look better. But overall there are just some massive holes in our defense. The most concerning to me is our inability to get off the field. I get busted coverage that happens to everyone. But just like I wish KB would take the pace down just notch, they have to help themselves out and get off the field.

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One area that was problematic is how easily their OLinemen blocked our ILBs. The LBs looked a little unsure at times.

Overall I think the O put the D in some holes. Glad to get the win.

The defense was on the field a lot in the 3rd quarter and it was because of the offense, but for the wrong reason !!

Would have been better if the offense had scored in the 3rd quarter instead of all 3 and outs.

The argument about we go too fast and the defense has to play too much doesn’t fly with me.

I don’t remember this being an issue in the R and S days !!..and we had a great defense !


As long as the offense is scoring it’s all good. But thats’s the rub, if it sputters ot puts everyone in a tougher spot. You already don’t get that break but it’s demoralizing. Everyone is human, eventually.

The whole key to the fast break offense for the D is finding away to get off the field . Something that we have been terrible at this year especially in turnover creation.

Agree. Score as fast as you can. Coach up some better depth onD and we will be okay.


I’m of the opinion that if you can run the ball then you do it until they prove they can stop you…regardless of your overall offensive scheme. If they think King can take the punishment he could do wonders for our TOP…and help the D in the process.

Then the REAL problem must be our LB coach. Let’s see who is it…never mind.

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Okay I don’t have that channel on my XFINITY … the one to the alternate universe …

Earth planet II … did we win there also!!! … :wink: :wink: :sunglasses:

To the point of “getting off the field,” the defense allowed a third down conversion rate of a little under 35%. That’s not exceptional, but it’s top 50 in FBS, and much better than our season average.

Tulsa’s season average on offense was over 47%, so by that measure, our defense actually did pretty well.


There was improvement with the defense, but it was still obvious how inept our secondary is. There were some good past break ups and better coverage in certain areas, but they allowed that slant with the tight end so many times it was sickening. It took until the very end of the game for them to finally cover it and surprise surprise they get an interception.

As far as the defense being on the field too long, the front seven would put Tulsa at third and long multiple times but the secondary would give up that slant or some other play for first down. Very infuriating.

So definite improvement, but still a lot more improvement is needed.