D & ST responsible for all regulation TDs

O only score when D put them near the ECU goal line.
Really, really need a new OC.

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I’d prefer a new offensive line.


That was bad offense


WVU knew Holgi was no longer an elite OC and made him hire one. We need to do the same. Hire the SMU OC - Lincoln Riley’s brother.

Lord have mercy don’t hire Garrett Riley :joy::joy:smu fans don’t even like him. They are just stacked on offense don’t let that fool you

I’ve been saying that all season. Our defense hides the inadequacies of our offense. We cannot put together sustained drives, but at least we have been effective when the defense puts us in a good position.


Been scoring on very short fields.


Clayton Tune was sacked 5 times and had 8 rushes for -38 yards (including sacks)… That’s 2 full possessions right there that went backward. The line and Tune regressed last night. He faced too much pressure and Tune started to press and make bad throws and, more worrisome, a few bad decisions.

I agree that the play calling went vanilla in the 3rd and just bad execution in the 4th.

The play calling is terrible - and Dana needs to rely on someone up top in the booth - watching the game with full visual field of view… not standing on the sidelines.

The O-Line was bad, and that led to many problems for Tune, but Tune is a seasoned college quarterback by now, and he made too many bad decisions under pressure, IMO. But, that said, there’s enough blame to go around. For instance, our field goal kicker (Witherspoon) continues to have poor to mixed results beyond 29 yards. Field goals can be critical in a close game, and Witherspoon is great from less than 30 yards, but, unfortunately, not beyond that.

Stats below are from Dalton Witherspoon Stats | Houston Cougars | The Football Database

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There is a wide world of candidates. The game has passed Dana by, and that’s ok. This is his time to be a freaking head coach and not an OC.

Witherspoon is a liability. I’m glad this is his last year.
The value of a good college kicker is underestimated by many fans.

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We also need a long snapper. Many of the field goal snaps appear to be bad. Sark at UT used a scholly on a long snapper for tye 2022 class.

Garrett Riley ain’t one of them lol