D1 Baseball Stats

How the Cougars rank among the 295 Division 1 Programs


Batting Average 216
Home Runs 234
Walks 209
Runs/Game 203


ERA 210
WHIP 197
BB/9 246
K/BB 242
Hit Batters 45

RPI 212. Which makes sense considering above.

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Are we 45th in most hit batters or 45th “best” in that category?

45th most hit batters.

I mean. You have to respect the consistency right? Equally bad all the way around….

RPI 212?

Pssh……no worries, after sweeping 2-15 Minnesota should give us a big boost….maybe 198-204!

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251 RPI for Minnesota.

They’re 2-5 at home but lost to Ole Miss and Vandy by combined six runs.

Just lost to 3-11 Gonzaga in 15 innings so maybe some relievers are spent before we come Friday night. They also play the Zags again this afternoon.

I predict we take two out of three.

Absolutely brutal

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Tulane at 3-14 are six spots ahead of us.


Now thats bad.

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Someone with campus access should post that on the door of your choosing

Maybe it would motivate the boys. At this point just focus on improving.

We have a quad one win vs Utah in a neutral site.

Minnesota took one of two from #115 Gonzaga.