D1Baseball Bracket Challenge - Coogfans group

I created a group on D1Baseball for their bracket challenge if anyone else wants to join. Group Name is Coogfans.

You may edit your bracket until Friday, June 1 at 11am Eastern.

Here’s how the scoring works:

Regional finalist: 1 point
Regional champion: 2 points
Super regional champion: 4 points
National semi-finalist: 6 points
CWS Finalist: 8 points
National champion: 10 points


• Anyone who submits a perfect bracket wins $10,000 cash! (If more than one perfect bracket is submitted, the prize will be split)
• The winner will receive a $500 adidas gift card.
• The runner-up will receive a $250 adidas gift card.
• The next five highest finishers will each receive $100 adidas gift cards.

If there is a tie, the participants that tied will split the amount allotted for their spots. So, for example, if three players tie for second place, they would split $450 ($150 apiece). If there’s a two-way tie for first place, the players would split $750 ($375 apiece), and the next five would receive $100. If there’s a tie for seventh, the players would split $100.

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filled mine out early in week but don’t see where I can attach to Coogfans grp ?

I got an acct waited on the bracket.
No option for Coogfans bracket (or any group unless you start it)

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It does seem that there’s no option to search other groups. I’ve let D1Baseball know about it.