D1baseball on Twitter has us ranked #51

Hey, we’re leading Alabama at something.


Can’t wait to get a look at the schedule……pins and needles.

And that is not a pre-season ranking but an overall program rating correct?

If this poll was done 7-8 years ago we r top 20……

Hoping for the best but preparing for the worst schedule wise.

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Did Whitting ever get an extension?

I do not think so

I still say everything went to Hades after the Romero episode. I like Seth but he did our program no favors with his childish antics


Are we supposed to be pleased with a #51 ranking?


Given that there are close to 300 Division I baseball programs, does that not put us close to the Top 20%?

Just sayin’!


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I dont know if pleased is the right question. It is what it is. Here is my take on hot beds (within 300 miles) for college baseball prospects in the country.

  1. San Diego/LA
  2. Tampa/Miami
  3. Houston
  4. Phoenix/Las Vegas
  5. Atlanta
  6. San Antonio/Austin

That seems like a lot of access to top players in the country. Warm climate + population equals hotbeds. And to have Rice around the 80 mark and Houston at 51. I would think both programs should be in the top 30-40 worst case scenario.


No we r not.

This team should be mainstay in the top 20 , making regionals should be a given…… Hosting in good years (with a super once every three years and a CWS once every 5 or 6 years……and at least making the tournament in down years…

That is what the right coach would do with this program……

And you compared us to all 300 teams? I would say that with our facilities and recruiting grounds we r in better shape than at least 200 + schools before a pitch is thrown…… so now realistic look at #51….should be 30 spots higher, minimum.


If you consider where we’ve been in the last three years and where we’re starting out, this is just one, long slog through mediocrity.

This is really all perspective. If bouncing up and down and a conference championship every five or six years is suitable then we’re doing ok.

What is Pez’ vision for UH baseball? I mean the guy felt he needed to soft-peddle the schedule for a coach in his eleventh year.

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Thank you for recognizing the San Antonio/Austin area.

Speaking of schedule, if it looks anything like last year’s we should all let RK know what we think about the current state of the baseball program.

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I’ve always refrained from bothering the the lady but I’ve been thinking about airing my concerns. If we start out looking like the bottom side of stomped dog poo the first 10-12 games then I’m going to write Pez. At 25 games if the season is a lost cause I’ll probably write Khator. How TF did we get to this place after where we’ve been? I know nothing is easy but some people perform regardless of the tools they have. And some don’t perform with a wealth of resources.


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