Daily Cougar: Grimes is returning

Let’s hope!


That is good news he was start to get it towards the end of the season.


Wow. The Comical reporter was right.

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Great news, He will dominate next year!

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Yes, he is capable of dominating.

He just has to make up his mind and do it.

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excellent news!

very much looking forward to him growing with another year in our program

Good news. Smart decision.

One down. Waiting to hear about DJ and Hinton.

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Great news.

Naaaate!!! You gotta come back!! :+1:

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Look out…Coogs are going to be one of the top teams next season. Grimes will go ballistic!

I see him as a steady, quiet, and dependable player. I like his cool under fire approach. Playing him alongside Mills and Hinton will make us a force to be reckoned with.

Also happy that he’s content in our program after playing in the Kansas circus. That’s a great and distinguished program, but their fans are ruthless.

(Still not as thin-skinned as Indiana though).


We have to get behind Nate! I know he wants to be an NBA player almost more than anything. But he is a very intelligent man, and I know he will be better prepared if he plays another year with UH since the exposure he will get with a great team will pay enormous dividends!


I don’t think there are any Coogs that aren’t behind Nate regardless of what he finally decides to do. We may disagree on what would be the best thing for him to do; but every tub stands on its own bottom.