Dalton Witherspoon


Looks like he has opted not to use his extra year of eligibility and try to go pro. Happy for him and we should be in good shape between Baxa, Ramsey l, and Mendez. Someone will step up, and we have the kid coming in as blueshirt


He has been here for 5 years and I assume he is graduating, or has already graduated. No reason to stay any longer. The fact that he is listed as a Senior on the program card told me he would be leaving after this season. He played a year at Northeastern Oklahoma A&M, redshirted in 2017, played in 2018, 19, 20, 21. I don’t even think he has anymore eligibility since he played 4 years not counting 2020 and his redshirt year.


That’s what I thought as well.

Caleb Mendez is from here in Pearland. He’s a former soccer star who has hit multiple 60 yd. field goals. I’m anxious to see him play.


Is he related to Shawn Mendes the Singer. Maybe he could perform at Halftime to help w/ attendance issues. :thinking:

I kidd I kidd kinda.

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All seriousness. Do you know if Caleb is coming on full scholly or pwo, etc. Should be good open competition for Kicking job.

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Full scholarship I believe

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Oh very nice. That holds lot of weight for them to give full Scholly upfront. Last ?, was he the Kicker for Pearland this past season. Got confused w the soccer part.

I think he was already on the roster for 2021. I believe he was redshirt .


Oh thk you. I didn’t know that. Thought he was just coming on board. That’s even better news.

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Oh good point. I just assumed based on the way he phrased his post that it was more of a choice. Yes Caleb mendez was on roster this past season. There is another kicker coming in this class who is a blueshirt

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Caleb Mendez is #48 on the UH roster.


Becoming a trend when they say their farewells on social media, even when eligibility is up.

Wow! I remember back in the 90’s and further back many NFL kickers had trouble consistently hitting field goals beyond 40 yards.

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I think soccer helped him with his distance. Would love to see him to that consistently, if needed.


Man he seems awesome! Anyone know about Ramsay’s leg?

Pretty sure both are PWOs as was Bubba when he transferred from Miami.

Bubba was rated #2 by Kohls in class of 2018. I would assume he is kick off specialist but would assume competition to replace Dalton as PK specialist. While it has been a couple years Bubba’s final year at Miami was not a good FG performance.

Ramsey was #21 ranked PK by Kohls in 2019 class. Believe he is covered academically vs counting against athletic scholarship.

Mendez was #48 in 2021 class per Kohls.

Plus the new HS kicker from Crosby who I believe is coming in on athletic scholarship.


Kohl’s Kicking Rankings:

28. Helburg, Trevor TX
Helburg recently attended a Kohl’s National Showcase Camp in May of 2021. He is a very talented young athlete with the right tools to do very impressive things as a specialist. In May he was one of the few nationally to score 15 points on field goals. In July of 2020, he made 30 points on FG’s and had a KO score of 107.14 at the National Scholarship Camp. He showed great leg strength during the kick-off charting portion of camp. Helburg keeps producing at camp and for his high school team. He has made great gains since last season!

21 Ramsey, Kyle TX
Ramsey has attended multiple previous Kohl’s camps with the most recent being the National Invitational Scholarship Camp in July of 2018. He showed that he has the ability to kick off at the next level with a great score of 117.3 on KO’s at this event. Ramsey also scored on impressive 31 points on his FG portion of camp. He seems to have broken through on FG’s and his coordination has caught up with his body. Ramsey is also a good punter who should be watched closely this fall!
Committed: Houston*

48 Mendez, Caleb TX
Mendez recently competed in the 2020 June Showcase Series and moved up to the 5 star category in July of 2020 at the National Scholarship Camp. He was one of the more impressive specialists at the camp and it showed during the charting phase. He scored 27 points on field goals and had some big kick offs. Mendez will be someone to keep an eye on in the 2021 recruiting class. He has made significant strides in his punting technique as well. He is a good specialist who will continue to grow and develop his power!


I think they coaching staff must think very highly of Hellburg since they gave him a scholarship after they have already had a look at the other two! Probably doesn’t matter since it will be decided at practice & then on the field!

One is on a Tier 1 scholarship with a 3.9 in Electrical Engineering. It is nice not having to burn a scholarship when you don’t have to.