Dan Hurley's New Contract

ESPN reporting 6 years, $50M, with incentives to earn more. The bar has been raised.

CKS will be at the 5.5 - 6M / year level after he wins the first championship and be at $7M level after tge 2nd one. And there is distinct possibility of that.

Makes sense. He’s the best in the game and UConn is desperately trying to get in a P4 conference. They’re doing what they’ve got to do to stay relevant. Hats off to them.

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I mean could it be more well earned by him? And he turned down Kentucky and the Lakers, pay the man.

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He will retire if he ever wins the first one

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6/$50M is basically exactly around what I thought would happen. Both UConn and Hurley win here

So what is Sampson worth in the open market?

There is market value. Then there is happiness value. No doubt CKS could be paid more by a richer program. But CKS says he is happy and “he don’t mess with happy.” CKS has a lot to be happy about at UH. He resurrected a dying program. He has a staff that has been truly loyal to him. He urged the administration to upgrade the facilities and got it done. His family plays and integral role in UH’s basketball success. He is not the highest paid coach in college basketball but he won’t need Social Security when he retires.

Also, UH gave CKS an opportunity to put his NCAA show cause case behind him and show the basketball world what a great coach and leader on and off the court he is. CKS is loyal to those that are loyal to him.


That’s a tough one to learn… don’t mess with happy.

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I don’t think this is really raising the bar b/c Self and Calipari had already been making 8.5mm (before cal miraculously bailed), but great for Hurley he deserves it.

I don’t like the man (or team) but he deserves it. Fudge Ugone.